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Hurricane Sandy uproots a 100-year-old tree only to reveal a human skull and rib cage entangled in the trees roots.

A woman named Katie Carbo found the remains at around 3:15 pm. Visibly attached to the roots of the tree was the back of a skull, upside down with its mouth open. The skull was still connected to a spine and rib cage.

New Haven Police Spokesman David Hartman released a statement on the morbid find, providing some history behind the tree’s roots:

 “Hurricane Sandy has uprooted a famous New Haven tree on the upper town green. The tree was planted by Admiral Andrew Hall Foote’s Grand Army of the Republic post (the Union of the Republic). Foote, who was born in New Haven, was President Abraham Lincoln’s favorite Civil War admiral. He died in a naval battle and is buried in the city’s Grove St. cemetery.

Dutch Elm disease killed all of the majestic Elms planted by James Hillhouse in the 1820s. In honor of the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birthday in 1909, the Oak tree was planted.”

Hartman has stated that the skeleton is most likely the victim of Yellow Fever or Smallpox who may have been buried between 1799 and 1821. The headstones, in a very Poltergeist-esque way, were removed to a new location but the bodies were left behind.

The town green is the burial ground of possibly 5,000 to 10,000 people, according to local historian Robert S. Greenberg.

Detectives from the department’s Bureau of Identification and the State Medical Examiner’s office responded to the scene and collected the remains. New Haven Police have not launched a criminal investigation. The skeletal remains have been transported to the Medical Examiner’s office for further analysis.


Is it wrong that the bodies were never moved? Would you feel uncomfortable if your local park doubled as a cemetery? Let us know why in the comments below!

Cruise Captain Suing for Wrongful Termination

Remember back in January, when a negligent cruise ship captain ran his ship aground, killing 32 people? He now faces charges of manslaughter and abandoning the ship. The guy is evidently a horrible human being, let alone captain, and is suing the cruise line that employed him for wrongful termination. Francesco Schettino, according to his lawyer, reserves the right to appeal his “dismissal.” That’s cool. I wonder if the victims of his stupid actions also reserve the right to appeal their “dismissal.” Oh, right, they can’t. Because they’re dead.

And adding insult to injury, the cruise ship, Concordia, is still out there. It was supposed to be removed in January, but the company hired by Costa to pull it from the shallow depths of the Tuscany sea have issued a statement saying the ship won’t be removed until spring.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that you can slaughter 32 people and abandon your post, and still manage to be a crazy douchebag.

So question: What’s the douchiest thing you’ve ever done? I’m asking under the assumption you’ve never slaughtered people.

Lately, it has been all over the news that a series of contaminated steroid injections from a compound pharmacy has been infecting patients with fungal meningitis. So far over 350 people have been diagnosed and 28 have died.

The compound pharmacy named the New England Compounding Center or NECC was raided a few weeks ago and the FDA’s findings were “ominous”. It is believed that there may be more contaminated drugs, and that the number of cases of fungal meningitis will continue to rise. This incident has led a number of people to ask: What are compounding pharmacies to begin with?

Some people in the world have very specific medical needs and require their medication to be custom made for them. Compounding Pharmacists used to be the people patients would go to for this unique problem. In the past few years or so large scale compound pharmacies have been on the rise creating large batches of custom compounds. The pharmacies are largely unregulated by the FDA, and in the past used patients to fight regulations from being placed on them.

The FDA believes the lack of regulations is the primary cause for several medications from NECC to leave the pharmacy contaminated with fungal meningitis.  23 states are suspected to have received contaminated medicine from the company and all but four of them have reported at least one case of fungal meningitis. The disease has proven to be incredibly difficult to treat with the death toll rising to 28 since the first instance of the outbreak was reported.

Infections and death have not been unheard of in the compounding industry. From 2001 to 2007 120 patients in 11 states contracted bacterial and viral infections including both hepatitis C and meningitis. Four died from the unregulated compounds.

In 2011, the death toll spiked to nine patients who died from bloodstream infections they developed after receiving intravenous medication prepped by a compounding pharmacy.

Regulation after regulation has been struck down since the first attempt in 2003. In the last attempt made 2007  by Edward Kennedy, compounders enlisted parents of autistic children. The parents besieged Kennedy’s office, arguing that compounding pharmacies were the sole source of treatments for their children’s condition. Kennedy’s bill never reached the floor.

Hindsight is 20/20 now in the wake of the serious outbreak that has occurred.

So Nation:

Knowing this information, do you think it will affect how you look at prescription drugs and will you be more cautious about where those drugs are coming from? 

Puppy Halloween!

Sure, celebrities and average joes alike dress it up on Halloween, but let’s not forget who the real stars are on Halloween: dogs. Of course, you may be saying to yourself “I hate when people dress their animals up,” but hey. HEY. Just take a look at the images below and tell me your heart doesn’t just melt! I also added in a few kittens just in case puppies somehow aren’t your thing, but to be honest, I don’t want to know anyone who doesn’t like puppies. Anyway, enjoy!



New AMBER Alerts on Google

In a wonderful humanitarian effort that I think we can all get behind, Google is launching Amber Alerts today!  AMBER stands for “America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response” but was originally named for Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old child who was abducted and murdered inArlington, Texas in 1996. These AMBER alerts will notify anyone using Google Search or Maps (so like everyone basically) with info on any child abductionthat’s been reported within a certain geographic area.  This way everyone can team up to help bring kids home safely!

Halloween is beloved holiday here at SourceFed and there were some top notch costumes out in Hollywood this week.

The SourceFed crew enjoys the ghoulish holiday so much that we just had to tell you about the amazing history behind it!

Halloween started off as the pagan holiday of Samhain which marked the end of the summer.  The term Halloween is actually short for All Hallow’s Eve, and before it became the candy-hording, trick-or-treating, terrify the crap out of you holiday it is now; there was once a time where people spent the day praying for their mortal souls.

But we love what it’s become and have pulled together a gallery of some of our favorite costumes this year, Check them out below!

Adorable Tri-Deathstar of adorableness… that explodes the s#*t out of planets.


DISNEY+STAR WARS+TUMBLR = A whole bunch of Nerdy Yesness.  The announcement of the Disney acquisition of LucasFilms was sure to generate a flurry of frenzied fan reaction.  And the best place to monitor said fanatic frenzy is Tumblr.  Here are some pics reaped from the goldmine.