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The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline

This Is The Legend of Zelda From Start to Finish The Legend of Zelda will forever be enshrined in the Video Game Pantheon as one of the best, if not the best, series of all time. Not debatable. However, one aspect of TLoZ that has been debated by countless fans over the last two decades


Possible “Roger Rabbit” Sequel?!

Possible “Roger Rabbit” Sequel?! According to MTV, a possible sequel to my all-time favorite film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, has been written. The original’s director, Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future), is incredibly happy with the script. Now, they are playing a waiting game with Disney.


Scientists Make Stem Cells From Blood

All right, let’s get into some confirmed science stuff. A patient’s blood was used to create personalized stem cells, doctors say, allowing for a less intrusive and dangerous method to treat a wide range of medical ailments.


Geneticist Says DNA Results Prove Bigfoot Is Real

So, again someone’s saying that Bigfoot is a super real thing. But what’s different this time is the person saying that thing: a geneticist that has been analyzing DNA samples of suspected Bigfoots (Bigfeet?). She says that Bigfoot is real and will prove it with science.


HoboJacket: The Politically Incorrect Way to Clothe the Homeless

In an effort to keep the homeless warm, a man in Massachusetts has chosen to assist them by sending them your rival college’s jackets. Jin Pan, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the brains behind a company known as HoboJacket. The site is a “competitive platform where you can donate your rival


The Hot Shots 2013 Calendar is TOO HOT TO HANDLE!

The Hot Shots 2013 Calendar is TOO HOT TO HANDLE! – The new 2013 Hot Shots Calendar is almost shows just how patriotic supermodels can be. The new Hot Shots Calendar for 2013 is now available! “What is Hot Shots?” one may ask, but do not worry children I shall explain.


BREAKING: UN Votes To Recognize Palestine Statehood

Just confirmed from the Associated Press: The United Nations General Assembly has voted to recognize Palestine’s statehood bid. With an overwhelming majority, the state of Palestine has been given an upgraded status to a nonmember observer, effectively a sovereign nation.