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$4.5 Million Dollar Lamborghini UNVEILED!


The Italian brand has just launched their fastest car yet: The Lamborghini Veneno.

Lamborghini has unveiled it’s fastest and most powerful road car ever: The Veneno. Not only is the car insanely fast but the it will be incredibly rare, as the company will only sell three models of the vehicle.

The images of the super powered car were leaked yesterday, and since has been officially revealed in advance of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show where it was meant to make its debut.

The Veneno is based on the V-12 powered Aventador and is expected to sell for roughly $4.5 million dollars. It has a 552kW, 6.5-litre V-12 engine that can propel the carbon-fiber body from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. Power is sent to all four whiles through a 7-speed automatic that is operated by paddle shifts.

The Lambo is described as a “racing prototype and road going super sports car”, and if it’s guts weren’t flashy enough for you, the style of the car has more than enough panache to make you envy anyone who drives it.



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