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5-Hour Energy Investigated For Deaths


I tried to come up with a short title that wasn’t “5-Hour Energy Will Kill You.” The Food and Drug Administration is investigating reports of about thirteen deaths that are believed to have involved energy shot drinks. They’ve also been getting into Monster Energy after another few deaths were reported.

The FDA received over ninety reports of hospitalizations, illness, and the aforementioned deaths, which basically means they’re compelled at this point to look into it.

They say that the investigation is just beginning, so no conclusions are made yet, but they have promised to take action if the content of the drinks both in energy shot and in monolithic can form has contributed to these illnesses and deaths. Action includes, but is not limited to, taking the drinks off the market.

The FDA made a similar call when the energy drink/malt beverage hybrid Four Loko was gaining traction. They issued the company to change their formula and to do so quickly or else their wares would be seized. Since late 2010, Four Loko has been without caffeine, and is comprised solely of vomit.

I speak from experience. I… don’t want to talk about the night I had original-formula Four Loko.

The FDA is cautioning consumers of the producer that the energy drinks are not an “alternative” to rest or sleep, and to consult their health care provider on whether it’s acceptable for the drinks to be introduced into their system.

I don’t know about you, but after a Monster Energy, the size of which is monstrous (oh, I see what they did there), I’m vibrating at a frequency that may actually be detectable on sonar. I’m just saying. It’s pretty frickin’ strong.

Question: Have energy drinks gone too far, or should you be responsible for what you put into your faces, or both?