68 Dead In Kenyan Hostage Situation


Islamic extremists have taken hostages in Kenya’s Westgate Mall, leaving 68 dead as the crisis continues.

It’s been 30 hours since Islamic extremists took over the Westgate Mall in Kenya. A large explosion rocked the upscale shopping center, as the rescue operation recovered nine more bodies, raising the death toll to 68. The blast was followed by silence for the first time during the siege where an estimated 10 to 15 attackers took over a shopping mall and now have an unknown number of captives.

The situation has grown dire, as Kenyan troops were witnessed carrying rocket-propelled grenades onto the site. Fears have risen as the terrorists use captives as pawns. 49 people have been reported missing, but it is unknown if these people are in the mall.

The unknown factors have made extracting hostages a living nightmare for officials who have yet to get a bead on the terrorists location. Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Lenku said the security operation was “delicate” and further stated:

 “The priority is to save as many lives as possible.”

More than 1,000 people managed to escape the attack inside the mall. Officials hope to get however many may be left out as quickly as possible.

Our hearts are with the family of the victims, this blog will remain updated as more details arise.