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75% of Phones Worldwide are running Android


3/4 of the smartphones around the world are now running on Google’s Android operation system.

This means that Android now accounts for roughly 75% of the market for smartphone OS’s, bringing it up from the 52.5% it was at last year. Some are attributing a large amount of that gain to Samsung which has sold 55 million smartphones who run mostly on the Android operating system

In the meantime, Apple whose devices run on on iOS has sold more than 23.5 million phones during the same period, and is up 17.3 million more than a year ago. The operating system has slipped however from 15%  to 13.9% market presence.

It is believed that users around the world may have held off on buying a new phone, waiting on the iPhone 5 to arrive in their respective countries. Very much like Apple, Windows suffered the same fate as users held off on buying smartphones running on Windows Phone 7 instead opting to wait for Windows Phone 8 devices.

In total, smartphone sales as a hole grew 47% in the third quarter compared to a year ago and now account for nearly 40% of all mobile devices. However in total mobile phone sales are predicted to drop 3.1% over the year.


Do you think Android is taking over the market and will eventually push out iOS? Or will Apple just keep growing?