79 Year Old Ex Bull Rider is a BAMF!


79-year-old Ervin Brittnacher took out a robber Austin Powers style, with throat punch and karate chop to the neck.

Charles Smith was high on the drug MDPV (also known as bath salts) when he decided to grab a rifle and break in to a nearby home.

It turned out to be the biggest mistake he ever made. In the house Smith found the 79-year-old, who was less than pleased to see a man with a gun in his home. The former bull rider told police:

“I heard a ruckus at the door, walked to the door, and saw the young man holding a gun,” he told League City Police Department Sgt. Tamara Spencer. “I used to own a nightclub, and I knew it was never a good idea to talk to people holding guns.”

And instead of talking, Brittnacher punched Smith in the throat, and karate chopped him on the side of his neck. The move knocked Smith out cold, and he was still incoherent when police arrived.

Brittnacher on the other hand calmly sitting on this porch in the darkness, face lit only by the red end of a cigarette each time he inhaled.

If it weren’t bad enough that he got taken out by a man who is roughly 4 decades older than him, Smith was rightfully booked and charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault. 


What do you think about Ervin Brittnacher? BAMF or just a man defending his home?