A Bikini A Day: Instagram Hottie of the Day

A Bikini A Day1

A Bikini A Day

A Bikini a Day is as it sounds, two models who post a photo posing in a bikini every day.

The lovely light haired Nastash Oakley and her sexy brunette counterpart Devin Brugman co-founded Da Treats Productions.

The company specializes in brand photography, videography and states:

Datreats Productions is an international production company located in california, hawaii and sydney, australia. Specializing in photography and videography.

What we offer is a combination of planning, experience and creativity, achieved through perseverance and mastery of technology.

We aim to inspire the consumer by capturing the essence of the client’s brand or product through images and/or video.

Be sure to check out some of their sexiest work in the gallery down below:

Devin Brugman (1) Devin Brugman (2) Devin Brugman (3) Devin Brugman (4) Devin Brugman (5) Devin Brugman (6) Devin Brugman (7) Devin Brugman (8) Devin Brugman (9) Devin Brugman (10) Devin Brugman (11) Devin Brugman (12) Devin Brugman (13) Devin Brugman (14) Devin Brugman (15) Devin Brugman (16) Devin Brugman (17) Devin Brugman (18) Devin Brugman (19) Natasha Oakley (1) Natasha Oakley (2) Natasha Oakley (3) Natasha Oakley (4) Natasha Oakley (5) Natasha Oakley (6) Natasha Oakley (7) Natasha Oakley (8) Natasha Oakley (9) Natasha Oakley (10) Natasha Oakley (11) Natasha Oakley (12) Natasha Oakley (13) Natasha Oakley (14) Natasha Oakley (15) Natasha Oakley (16) Natasha Oakley (17) Natasha Oakley (18) Natasha Oakley (19) Natasha Oakley (20) Natasha Oakley (21) Natasha Oakley (22) Natasha Oakley (23) Natasha Oakley (24) Natasha Oakley (25)


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    ugh…. how many days has it been since i opened this page?? ugh….. *faints*

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    You’re doing God’s work, here.

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    Six to midnight, guaranteed.

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    ………..Yeah, I got nothing.

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      Its cool being gay dude, no hate.

      • Jances

        hahaha, I’m actually straight dude but that was a good one!

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    kinda wish trish or meg were on here

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      LEE DUDE!

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    I need some kleenex… I guess… thank you Phil O_o.

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    Dat Brunette

  • MassDebater

    Oh God..I want to do unspeakable things to that Brunette…Not much usually distracts me in the way of women, but HOLY shit, she’s just…Ugh, no words can describe my intense sexual frustration right now lol.

    • Mohammad K

      looooool so true
      i like the brunette more than the blond

  • Razumba

    I don’t even know what this thread is about. I just saw girls in bikinies and clicked on it, and let me tell you, I like what I’m seeing (gosh I need a girlfriend lawl)

  • Matt Prater

    I feel sorry for some of these women. Manufactures just can’t make bikini’s that fit those poor big breasted ladies…

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.gonzalez.3194 Paul Gonzalez

    Gaaah… The female body is so beautiful. These two are amazing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.bathgate1 Christopher Bathgate

      I know 0.o what a beautiful thing

  • fawad

    I can die peaceful now..
    Gentlemen its been an honor browsing with you.

  • vijer

    Cut those big ugly tits off and they would be pretty hot. Small tits are way better

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      are you on crack

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    ooh new sourcefed post…ohhmygod i think the mayans were right and I’m in heaven

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    phil….. you just gave me fap material… just being honest lol :D

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    take off the bra god dammit

  • Alliano F Ricot

    Thank You best gifts EVER!!!!

  • Juan Manuel

    God Bless the United States Of America. When I came to this country as a young immigrant boy, I knew deep inside me that America was the place to live. These two beauties are Made in America.

    • Kingy

      There Australian Actually

      • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.bathgate1 Christopher Bathgate

        God blass the united provinces of Australia

  • Mike Walton

    i’ll be honest this is the best Christmas gift I’m going to get this year, I’m not sure if that’s sad or not but I don’t care because this page and the gift of bookmarks is all I really need for a warm and cozy winter afternoon.

  • Luke

    and girls wonder why we, as men, love boobs so much.

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    holy fack the wife is gettin some tonight!!!

  • rocklesson86

    Man I wish I looked like those girls. They have the body I want.

  • bcla

    brugman likes the black dick…. she’s fuckin greg little, (wide receiver for the cleveland browns)… how disappointing.

    • annoyedatdumbcomments

      There are alot out there whom prefer a darker pigmentation or possibly the enlarged penis (if you believe in that sort of thing) but refrain from making it public knowledge. To me it isn’t so much the pigmentation of the penis that makes this disappointing, it’s just that the one she’s getting isn’t mine.

  • Fraggog

    fuck i just bought a new screen for this laptop

  • Moist

    Clean up on every aisle.

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    oh dear god :D….

  • blancopeter

    Real or not, I love them all. Women should do whatever they want to do.

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    Those were some great articles

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    What the hell is their Instagram name?

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    This is exactly why the world didn’t end. #:) #ILOVET&A

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      The world did end, we are in heaven :P

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    fap time

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    It makes me sad that some lucky guys gets to play with those 2 girls!

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    some how a simple thank you seems so hollow.

  • MrAtaguas

    Brunette in Black Lace bra and high heels/ makeup and the works…Nuff Said

    • MrAtaguas

      *Black lace lingerie

  • http://twitter.com/CharlotteKiku Charlotte DeGracia

    I want all these bikinis .. so cute! Does anyone know what brand they are? etc

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    Awesome fap-fap material!

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    I’ve never cried out of pure joy until now

  • Eggyrobot

    Video of their shoot

  • umm…yeah

    That blonde has a butter face, when looks at the camera. She looks good when she’s facing any other direction but as she turns her face towards the camera, you go, “ugh!look away butter face! Look away!”

  • Johnem95

    Take off the bra, take off the vagina cover…

  • sstafford

    I think larger fake boobs are nasty but these r real or verrry nicely done.
    As far as gun laws yes their should be armed security as all school entry
    points as well as metal decetors. As far as my 2nd ammendment my guns
    are legal disarm the criminal and then can have them til then I have the right
    2 protect my family from those who wish 2 harm them

  • vijer

    wow, two mediocre chick with ugly over sized tits. I am so underwhelmed.