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New “A Good Day to Die Hard” Trailer



A Good Day to Watch A New “A Good Day to Die Hard” Trailer

There is a new “A Good Day to Die Hard” trailer and John McClane is on vacation MOTHER F*&%#$*S!!!   And this vacation is one-part nuclear weapons heist, two-parts Russian backdrop, three-parts McClane family outing, and thirty-parts aging/bald/raspy/iconic ALL-AMERICAN ACTION HERO DOING ACTION HERO EXPLOSION STUFFZ!!  Yep.  Stuff with a Z, MOTHER F(*&^%#S!!!

Here are RottenTomatoes scores for the past Die Hards:

Die Hard: 94%

Die Hard 2: 65%

Die Hard 3: With a Vengeance: 51%

Live Free or Die Hard: 81%


Here are my scores:

Die Hard: Boner Explosion! It’s a classic! No Die Hard will die harder than the original.

Die Hard 2: Weak follow up highlighted by a rad jet engine death/plane explosion climax.

Die Hard 3: Better than Die Hard 2.  Sam Jack and Jeremy Irons might kill me if I don’t rate it higher than DH2.

Live Free Die Hard: Honestly, I didn’t hate it! Perfectly updated for “our time” but molested into a PG-13 rating.


Here’s the new A Good Day to Die Hard trailer:



Question: Where do you guys think the latest entry will rank?