Adorable Pictures Make you work harder!

Adorable Pictures Make you work harder!

Well it turns out that those adorable puppy and kitten pictures that you keep hanging on your office wall, placed elegantly on your desk, or conveniently tucked in your wallet for easy access COULD make you work harder.

Japans Hiroshima University recently performed a study in three different groups of students.  One group looked at images of baby animals, another looked at adult animals, and another group that looked at images of food. The group of students that saw the images of puppies and kittens had a 10 percent performance increase, the adult animals only 5 percent increase, and the group that looked at the food had hardly any performance increase… Probably because they were starving. There’s a reason why you don’t put posters of Big Macs that say “Hang in there,” in our cubicles. Work would never get done!

The experts of the study attributed the increase of focus and performance to cuteness triggered positive emotion related to the delight and happiness you get from looking at the adorableness that is baby animals. (On a side note, I’ve been saying that cuteness is motivational in the workplace, why do you think I log in countless hours looking at Joseph Gordon-Levitt galleries?)

So to inspire, motivate, and help you in the workplace, here is your daily motivation:

This puppy loves you.

This puppy wants you to dream big.

This puppy is teaching you to be tenacious.

This puppy inspires you to keep the things you love close to you.

This puppy is learning from the mistakes of his past and applying what he learned to the future.

This puppy delights in life. Delight with him

This puppy gets you.

This is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He my boyfriend. He wants you to have a good day.



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    ….You’re going to cover your desk with JGL pics aren’t you?

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    I believe looking at pictures of puppies makes me wish I had the responsibilities of puppies… eat, sleep, and poop.

    • Richard Gonzalez

      I already do that.

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    JGL! sexy.

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    The Puppy with the Apple. Instant awwwwwww.

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    My best friend loves the person who made this article xD

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    Why is it not surprising that a Japanese university did this study?

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    This Joseph Gordon Levitt. He my boyfriend. BAHAHAHAHA

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    love the puppys not the guy

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    I don’t care if it’s not on topic, but can someone on the crew beat it into Joe’s brain that he sounds as stupid as George W Bush when he says “nucular”? It’s “nuclear” so stop butchering the English language. It’s not that fucking hard. OH, LOOK, DIS IZ NOOKULAAAAR! Only retards say nucular.

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    I love Lee. This is awesome. Lee you’re awesome. So is your ‘boyfriend’.

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    I Have now changed my screen-saver – Its Midterm week and thanks to you Lee I belive in myself – College kids and cute puppies for the win

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    All this makes me want to do is look at more puppy pics and be non productive…thanks Lee

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    cuteness over load

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    Thank you miss Newton that are some mighty fine puppy’s

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    Puppies are great, but where are the kitties???

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    I am now going to seize the day…..
    Do it for cuddles. Do it for cuteness. Do it. For puppies.

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    Photoshop puppy faces on Joseph Gordon Levitt and you’ll never see me work harder.

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    The last pic is my favorite ;)

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    Looks like someone watches Rhett and Link! haha. Check it out! (posted 2 days before this post)

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    This has inspired me to cuddle with my little puppy.

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    I will share in the delight, that I shall…