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AMAZING Hobbit Flight Safety Video

Hobbits on plane


AMAZING Hobbit Flight Safety Video

Ok, I used to say Virgin America was the be all end all in flying.  I mean, free video games!  You can’t beat it!  Well, Air New Zealand may just have.  In addition to other hilariously themed safety videos, like the staff only wearing body paint, Air New Zealand just released a Hobbit themed safety video as well as a behind the scenes look at it!  I personally like to think that I lived a past life in the Shire so I L-O-V-E-D these videos.  


Full Video


New Zealand is taking The Hobbit on as it’s new national theme for sure, and are really on the verge of changing their national anthem, but I have to say – that’s ok by me.  It was a big thing when The Hobbit announced it wasn’t going to be a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) film in order to have more New Zealand local actors in the film.  I was really upset at first by The Hobbit not going union for actors.  Usually, when big money projects go non-union, it’s just to be cheap and screw over actors, but this turned out to be awesome for New Zealand and ever since they have had a one way ticket to celebration station regarding the film.


Teaser with BTS footage


I’m pretty sure Americans would revolt if we all took a cult followed film franchise and turned it into our national symbol – what movie would be America’s driving force?  That Statue of Liberty Ghostbusters 2 moment would be a contender.  What do you think?