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Amazon Launches Cloud Service for CD Owners



Amazon launched a free mp3 cloud service for customers who purchase CD’s as an incentive.

Now the question here is, what is this CD?

Bad joke.

Anyways, if you order a CD from you will be given the option to automatically download the mp3 files of the album for FREE! The option is called AutoRip, and I think this feature is kind of awesome.


Although CD’s are more or less dead in the US when it comes to sales, this is a great feature for anyone who has ever purchases a CD from Amazon, the mp3’s of those songs are ready for you to download right now!

This service is similar to Ultraviolet, the Blu-ray/Digital Download combo pack which is the format that most DVD’s have been released. It seems like a great feature and a smart move for Amazon and their users.


How many of you guys are interested in this service?


  1. Beautiful – won’t do this with many CDs since I typically only like 1-2 songs per CD and would rather just buy the singles, but it is nice to have your CD instantly.

    I wonder, if your computer memory gets cleared, can you go back to your Amazon account and re-download the CDs for free?

  2. Yeah, I just do straight digital music anymore. I have a small stereo system that plugs into my laptop headphone jack.

  3. Okay. This would be great if they’d do the same for vinyl. This is the only format I’ve purchased in a long time, other than any albums from local bands, and it sucks having to purchase the mp3’s separate from the record.