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AMBER Alerts on Google Launches Today



New AMBER Alerts on Google

In a wonderful humanitarian effort that I think we can all get behind, Google is launching Amber Alerts today!  AMBER stands for “America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response” but was originally named for Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old child who was abducted and murdered inArlington, Texas in 1996. These AMBER alerts will notify anyone using Google Search or Maps (so like everyone basically) with info on any child abductionthat’s been reported within a certain geographic area.  This way everyone can team up to help bring kids home safely!

AMBER Alerts will be a part of Google Public Alerts and show up on screen if you are searching from a location where an abduction alert was issued and it will update with pertinent information as it comes in.  These alerts will also come up if you do a targeted search on the subject.

Google is working to partner with child protection groups in other countries as well to spread this service as widely as possible.  It is also important to note that not every missing child situation qualifies to be an AMBER Alert.  Many law enforcement agencies already work closely with AMBER alerts and now Google brings it to the interweb.

Here is a screenshot from the Google Blog site of what the AMBER Alerts might look like.

So who knows if this will help save more abducted children, but I think it’s definitely worth a shot.  What do you think?