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Apple Fires Their Maps Manager For Software Missteps


Apple CEO Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, and he’s well aware of it. But he’s still in charge, and the missteps of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 have brought on a lot of firings. This time, it’s the manager for the Maps app. Are more firings to come?

Richard Williamson oversaw the mapping team that was at the center of the debacle. When people bought their iPhone 5s or upgraded to iOS 6, they were greeted with a new Maps app, no longer utilizing Google Maps’ software. And everyone was pretty upset by it. Landmarks weren’t even close to where they’re supposed to be. The Brooklyn Bridge appeared collapsed. People would frequently get lost by the directions the application gave them.

In an unprecedented move, Cook posted an apology letter on behalf of the company for its lackluster Maps performance. And firings have been a-coming.

In this latest change, Senior Vice President Eddy Cue reportedly forced Williamson out and is in prep for creating a new leadership team for the mapping software. Cue has been known to jump into Apple’s more troubled assets and turn the ship around. He had a close relationship with Steve Jobs right up until Jobs’ death.

All of Apple’s online service offerings — including iTunes — are now under Cue’s command after this latest firing.

Earlier, Scott Forstall — who some speculated would be the next CEO of Apple — has been pushed out and will exit the company at the start of 2013. It’s been apart of a cleanup effort by Cook to streamline the company and build a post-Steve Apple. It also didn’t help that Forstall had personality conflicts with just about everyone in the company, was suspected of trying to take the company out from under Cook, and refused to sign the apology letter for Maps. Seems like Cook’s getting the upper hand.

Question: Do you think these moves are good for the company?