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Apple Loses Lawsuit in Mexico


iFone comes out on top

So Apple LOVES to sue other companies for copyright infringement. It’s almost like it’s a fun game for their patent lawyers to sword fight in their spare time. However, this time, it totally backfired.

A recent court ruling in Mexico City no longer allows Apple to sell iPhones under the name “iPhone” in Mexico. Fox News Latino reports that Apple filed a lawsuit against the Mexican company iFone in 2009. iFone responded with a countersuit and won! iFone is actually a service company not a hardware manufacturer, so that makes the legitimacy of Apple’s suit debatable anyway.

But the big fact that ultimately won iFone the case (haha, get it? iPhone/case?) was that iFone registered its trade name in 2003, for years before iPhone came out in the US! Ouch!

So possible outcomes? The court ruling came out yesterday, one day before the iPhone 5’s Mexican debut, so either Apple will be paying a big ol’ fee to use the trade name or perhaps will not even be able to sell the device in Mexico today. iFone is suing for a minimum of 40% of all Mexican iPhone sales to date!

I’m sorry but I think this is amazing. I am by no means an Apple hater, but I definitely do not drink the Koolaid. I moved from an HTC to the original iPhone, loved it, upgraded to the iPhone 3GS, and went to a Samsung. I now rock both an Android and an iPhone just to compare the two and I honestly think they both have strengths and weaknesses.  

I simply cannot stand that Apple plays so dirty. You have a good product, let it speak for itself! Eliminate the competition by making the best product out there, not by suing everything that moves. I seriously think Apple is doing an injustice to their public image in many people’s eyes with all the lawsuit shenanigans. 

What do you think? Is Apple on their way to becoming a technological monopoly by suffocating the competition or are they simply defending their products from imitation? Also, what do you think the iPhone should be called in Mexico now?


  1. i wish iphone spends less time suing people and spends more on innovation. i’m an iphone 4s user, and i’m totally disapointed with iphone 5(and more disappointed with the rumor that iphone 5s will come in more than one color casing(seriously)), the simple fact that there’s nothing new about it really pains me as an apple user(ssamsung did noise cancelling ahead of apple, legal battle start!). if this keeps ups, i’m breaking up with apple and will start courting HTC butterfly.