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Apple’s Bringing Mac Production To America


Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company will be moving production of an existing line of Macs from China to these United States. They’re spending quite a bit of money to make that happen, too.

Cook says the company will be spending $100 million to make the move. When talking to Bloomberg, the CEO made the following comment:

This doesn’t mean that Apple will do it ourselves, but we’ll be working with people and we’ll be investing our money.

Basically, like they do in China, they’re going to contract out operations to open up production over here. The assembly of the computer is really only a small portion of the cost. The bulk of the spending goes into buying chips, most of which are made here anyway.

Cook’s also suggested that more than final assembly will be going on in the US. Possibly the machining of cases and printing of circuit boards would be included in the work to be done in America.

It’s only going to be a tiny fraction of Apple’s production — with Foxcomm still handling iPhones, iPods and iPads, the vast majority of Apple’s manufacturing pie — but we may soon be seeing Mac Pros or even Macbooks with “Made in the USA” etched on the back. Cook noted that the manufacturing skills required haven’t really been in America, though iMacs were assembled in California until 2004.

It’s just one new entry in a long list of changes to Apple’s post-Steve Jobs era. With a number of staff changes coming about in their VP roulette, the makeup of the company is very much in flux for the time being. We’ll just have to keep an eye on things as they develop.

Question: Is Apple’s production move to America a good idea?