Argentine Mom Honored For Rescuing Sex Slaves


Susana Trimarco had no intentions of being a hero. But that’s how heroes are born. Through the tragedy of her missing daughter, Trimarco has rescued hundreds of missing sex slaves in the pursuit of locating her child.

When the police in Argentina proved no help in discovering Susana’s missing 23-year old daughter, she began her own investigation when she was given a tip that her daughter, Maria de los Angeles “Marita” Veron, was sold into sex slavery.

And so, she began visiting brothels in search of her daughter. In the midst of all that, she found a new mission: rescuing other people’s daughters sold into sex slavery. Prostitution is effectively legal in Argentina, but exploitation of women for sex is super illegal.

Her investigation was able to turn up enough information to have thirteen people arrested for the abduction of Veron, but her daughter has yet to be found. Argentine authorities found the case had become high profile enough to make an example of the suspects.

Since then, the US State Department honored her with the “Women Of Courage” award, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and now has been bestowed with a human rights award by President Cristiana Fernandez.

Trimarco hasn’t given up on her search. She’s adamant that she won’t stop until she finds her daughter. Whether the publicity she’s been receiving will help in finding her daughter, alive or dead, remains to be seen. One thing is certain: Susana’s life is a “grim” one, but it’s a mission she is fully committed to.