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Arizona Riot Cop Blindsides Innocent Girl!

March Madness can get a little crazy, and if your school loses a big game… things can get real stupid, real quick.

This weekend Arizona students began to ‘riot’ in a show of school spirit (and anger) after the Wildcats lost to Wisconsin.

To control the situation riot cops were called in, but some of them were very, very violent.

Apparently, a cop in riot gear took down an innocent girl for no apparent reason. As far as we can tell, she didn’t seem to be make an audible or visible scene, and the response by the cop was absolutely excessive. After blindsiding the girl, the cop walks away without restraining or arresting her and a girl is heard off camera stating that they were simply walking to her car across the street.

Maybe he was overwhelmed, maybe he felt threatened and in the heat of the moment he mistook her for a 300lbs dude wielding a blunt instrument… my guess is, if you can’t deal with the stress of the situation, maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t be a freaking riot cop.

Just in case you missed it…


EDIT: Here is another look into the ‘riot’ and how the police chose to deal with the situation. Yeah, drunk people are stupid… excessive violence isn’t the answer.