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Australia: Don’t Use iOS 6 Maps!

National park

Apple Maps

Australian police have expressed concern as Apple iOS6 maps leads many citizens astray.

Police in Mildura, Australia have been advising drivers to be careful when relying on the iOS 6 map system, as they have been called out to assist distressed motorists who became stranded within Murray-Sunset National Park.

After testing, police have determined that the defective app lists Mildura in the middle of the national park, which is 70 kilometers (over 43 miles) away from the actual city.

There is no water supply in the park, and temperatures can reach up as high as 43 degrees Celsius (or 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Fun fact: The brain starts boiling at 107 degrees internally.

Some drivers have been located by the police after having been stranded in the park up to twenty-four hours with no food or water to speak of. Others walked long distances through dangerous terrain (because what part of Australia isn’t dangerous?) to get cell phone reception.

The police have since contacted Apple and hope to get the issue rectified as quickly as possible to prevent further harm to those travelling within Victoria. Currently authorities are advising citizens to not use the application when driving to Mildura and various other locations within Victoria until the problem is fixed.


Do you think this is just a small glitch or another in a long line of fixes that prove the maps app needs an over-haul?