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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Shakes Off All The Haters In Her New Music Video!

Taylor Swift Shakes Off All The Haters In Her New Music Video!

I know Taylor Swift was just joking in her new music video but… This look is kinda doing it for me. Whatever man, haters to the left.


Male Enhancement for All, Birth Control for None

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook   “Daily Show” pokes fun at the continuing double standard in women’s healthcare.


Extreme Wingsuit Flyby

Two wingsuits perform a proximity flight above a group of skiers and snowboarders.

manliest canadian

The Manliest Canadian

Ever think about swimming in sub-zero temperatures? How about swimming in sub-zero water, under a foot of ice, while only wearing cutoffs?


Can you handle the heat?

Did you know that the brain registers spicy food like your mouth is actually on fire?!

Science of love

The Science of Love

SoulPancake investigates the secrets to intimacy by having couples interview one another about their own relationships.

arnold tank

Arnold Crushes It!

Will it CRUSH?!?! That is the question that¬†Arnold Schwarzenegger poses, and then answers… with his tank!

Brother bets

A Brother’s Sweet Revenge

Having never lost to his brother in a game of basketball, one brother lets his ego take over and loses a humiliating bet.