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The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline

The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline

This Is The Legend of Zelda From Start to Finish The Legend of Zelda will forever be enshrined in the Video Game Pantheon as one of the best, if not the best, series of all time. Not debatable. However, one aspect of TLoZ that has been debated by countless fans over the last two decades


Carl Sagan LED Display

Cornell University’s Carl Sagan Light Sculpture is Real Purty. Yesterday, after indulging on hearty portions of tryptophan and starch, I sauntered off to bed in need of a soothing, dream-inducing piece of media to sherpa me off to dreamland.  I chose Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Journey and I retain NO REGRETS!  Sagan’s feathery hair

Red Bull Kluge Robbie Maddison

Red Bull Rube Goldberg

Red Bull’s Extreme Athlete Rube Goldberg Machine Red Bull is officially the king of crazy-ass marketing stunts.  They were already perched near the top with visual spectacles like the always entertaining Flugtag and the record breaking Baumgartner Space Jump, and now they’ve just released an extreme-athlete-drenched, Rube Goldberg extravaganza they lovingly call: The Athlete Machine

space base

Secret Moon Base Plans

Super Secret Moon Base Plans Those sneaky NASA folk have been busy doing some super-secret-behind-the-scenes-spacey-science stuff and with the reelection of Obama, the smoke screen covering said super-secret-behind-the-scenes-spacey-science stuff is set to disperse into the ether.  Now we’ll all be privy to their spacenanigans!


New The Hobbit Posters!

  Here is Gandalf raking up the damn leaves.  17 New Character Posters for The Hobbit Hello kids!  It is my honor to present to you 17 new character posters for The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey.  You may or may not be dripping in the moistness of anticipation generated by the upcoming film, but you



DISNEY+STAR WARS+TUMBLR DISNEY+STAR WARS+TUMBLR = A whole bunch of Nerdy Yesness.  The announcement of the Disney acquisition of LucasFilms was sure to generate a flurry of frenzied fan reaction.  And the best place to monitor said fanatic frenzy is Tumblr.  Here are some pics reaped from the goldmine. 



CHRONO TRIGGER ON YOUR ANDROID!!! The best frickin’ game EVER is now available to please all your sensory spots straight from your Android!  All it takes is $9.99 and you’ll download the the chance, no, the inalienable right to join the ranks of Chrono, Marle, Lucca, Frog, Robo, Ayla, and if you so choose, Magus.


New “A Good Day to Die Hard” Trailer

  A Good Day to Watch A New “A Good Day to Die Hard” Trailer There is a new “A Good Day to Die Hard” trailer and John McClane is on vacation MOTHER F*&%#$*S!!!   And this vacation is one-part nuclear weapons heist, two-parts Russian backdrop, three-parts McClane family outing, and thirty-parts aging/bald/raspy/iconic ALL-AMERICAN ACTION

Test Results From Lake Vostok

Test Sample Results From Underground Antarctic Lake

    Test Sample Results From Underground Antarctic Lake Back in February, we here at SourceFed covered a little story about Russian scientists gettin’ their dig on by drilling two miles down beneath the Antarctic surface. They were trying to reach an untouched, pristine, underground lake called Lake Vostok, so they could extract themselves some


SNL’s Taken/Expendables Trailer

SNL’s “Give Us Back Our Daughters” trailer does a great job of taking the clichés from the Taken movie and smashing them together with the clichés from The Expendables. Pepper in some spot-on impersonations from Taran Killam, as Liam Neesom, and Jay Pharoah as Denzel Washington, with a dash of Bobby Moynihan and Bill Hader, and you got


Drew Brees Makes History: 48th Consecutive Game with a TD pass!!

  New Orleans Saints QB, Drew Brees, woke up Sunday and decided to make some bacon and eggs with a side of history. You see, Sunday marked the 48th straight game that Brees threw a football to a teammate for a touchdown score.  48 x 6 = 288 Football Points.  Sports Math!


No Eagle Scout Honor for Gay Boy Scout

  Ryan Andresen is a kick-ass Boy Scout.  He got all da badges!  But he’s got one too many badges and his Scoutmaster doesn’t like that Rainbow Hunting badge he’s sporting on his sash.  Wait a minute, that’s not a badge, that’s a pin.  And Ryan is gay.  And Ryan believes his troop leader is


New Fanged Porcupine Dino! Cool! …ate plants. Boo.

Dinosaur people have identified a new dino!  It goes by the name Pegomastax africanus, it’s a heterodontosaur, and I tell you what, this little guys is tricked out with all the must haves of the animal kingdom.