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Time to liven up the joint!

This week begins the additional spicing that is new fighters to the big DC bruhaha, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Lobo fits right into the cast of 24 Heroes and Villains.

His special attacks vary from ranged Nuclear Shotgun Shells, a chain that can grab his opponents from high or low like Scorpion, and grabs that will take jumping enemies out of the sky.

He’s a lot faster than expected. I thought he was going to be a heavy character like Bane or Grundy, but I was pleasantly surprised.

His moveset coupled with his combos allow for a lot of play with gateway combos. These combos helped me to start utilizing Meter Burns more so than with just saving up for a super attack. Unfortunately his circle attack involves just a simple power up of his shotgun, instead of something unique involving his bike or another piece of paraphernalia.  It seems there are too many characters whose special ability is just a temporary power up. Despite this minor quibble, Lobo is well on his way to becoming one of my mains.

He’s just too much fun to play with.

Not only do I 100% recommend adding Lobo to your roster, but I suggest getting the season pass because if the rumors of the rest of the DLC are to be believed, the other fighters will be Batgirl, General Zod and Mortal Kombat’s own Scorpion.

Warner Bros. recently confirmed Barbara Gordon after a leak revealed her, so the rest of the list doesn’t seem too far fetched. Having Zod as a character would be a great additional way of marketing Man of Steel.



If it is the case however, I hope that Netherrealm Studios gives us a second season of Injustice characters or even a “Super Injustice” ala Street Fighter that includes an extra ten characters or so. The DC pool of characters is too wide to not take advantage of. Especially if you cop out the last character as Scorpion. I don’t think that is fair to the license.

I love the mechanics that Injustice brings to the table, but Ed Boon should just make a new Mortal Kombat with the Injustice engine if he wants to see Scorpion in another game.



What DC Character would you like to see be a part of Injustice?

Tron Uprising

Disney XD creates a modern day Batman Beyond with the Tron franchise and can’t find any viewers.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Programs and Users!

It’s no secret that “Old Media” companies are still finding it hard to find their audiences with their programming, but when one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world can’t find a place to put one of the strongest animated programs produced in recent memory, it’s time to start expanding your options.

The show is filled with great characters, an Aeon Flux-like design and a soundtrack that utilizes the score from Legacy in a new and unique way. Nearing the end of it’s first season, the series explores themes of betrayal, subjugation, responsibility and what real power is all while introducing some sweet tech into the Tron universe.

Tron: Uprising employs a star studded cast featuring Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens, Lance Henriksen and more in an epic fight for Argon City. Even alumni of the film series provide the voices of their characters like Bruce Boxleitner and Olivia Wilde, giving the series more ground as canon. The story takes place between the flashback sequence from 2011’s Tron: Legacy and modern day, exclusively on the Grid. Bruce Boxleitner returns in the title role of the security program Tron in an effort to find a protege to help aid in the fight against Clu. The show isn’t afraid of showing the programs of Argon getting derezzed and some say that it’s too “adult” for Disney XD.

I’m a big fan of the Tron franchise and I think it’s stupid of Disney to limit how the fanbase can partake in the world of the Grid. Back in June, Disney premiered the prologue episode on YouTube, which made me think that the show was going to have a strong digital presence. Unfortunately due to Disney’s convoluted website design, it’s nearly impossible to find a “legit” stream link.

Due to the series being placed at midnight on Sunday nights, the show is having trouble maintaining a regular television audience.

Tron: Uprising is going to be cancelled if the viewership doesn’t improve within the next two episodes.

With the Revolution-laden theme throughout the message of the show, it’s time to take action and show Disney that their ignorance of the digital medium won’t take another excellent television show off the air.

Go to this website for information as to how to let your voice be heard to the Disney Channel Public Relations or tweet at them directly.

Are you a fan of the Tron franchise? What are some of your favorite shows that have been cancelled prematurely?

End of Line.


The National Rifle Associations top lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre, made a case against popular media while citing that schools need MORE guns.

The amount of times that people don’t want to take accountability for any of their actions these days makes me want to puke.

Video game violence can leave the public eye if one simple thing can be adhered to and that’s the ESRB. All games reflect this system and display what ages the game is appropriate for on the front cover. Every game teller who doesn’t know what M for Mature means or doesn’t card any underage looking kids should be fired on the spot.

Any parent can go to the ESRB website to see what the ratings of ANY game are before they go looking by rating. It’s a useful tool to use during the advent of online shopping.

I worked for a game retailer for years and did everything in my power to make sure that a parent that was there with a young child knew exactly what they were buying. I read the details of why the game was rated M. “This game is rated M for ‘blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, suggestive themes’. Are you sure that you want to buy this for your child?” To which they would either respond with scolding their child for lying to them about the game before thanking me for telling them or “They’re going to see it sometime.” Of course they are right.

But I think it’s easier to explain to a child why they can’t have a video game than why their best friend isn’t going to be at school any more.

That may be harsh, but it’s true. I have seen so much flippant parenting first hand due to irresponsibility when it comes to buying a video game.

In this day of modern exposure to all sorts of violent and extreme media, kids have an avenue to find all sorts things on their own. That is what being a kid is all about, discovery. As parents, we want to be there for our kids to make sure that they understand everything that is going on around them, but we can’t. So for while we’re spending time with them, we have to make sure to provide them with everything they need to be on the straight and narrow. Take a risk of being a “lame parent” and do what’s right.

When I was younger, I borrowed Grand Theft Auto 3 from my uncle and was playing the hell out of it in my family’s main room on the family TV. My mom would come in and ask what I was playing and I told her. She never minded and just wanted me to have fun. Once a news report about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City came out, guess who wasn’t getting that for Christmas anymore? Despite knowledge of playing the franchise, she found out about a game and established boundaries. I was upset then, but I’ve since understood and I am grateful.

I wasn’t neutered in my gaming experience since then. If anything I was able to play other games and expand my ideas even further with more varied games.

This argument of making parents responsible for taking violent games out of children’s hands is the same one I will make for gun control. If there are less around, doesn’t that mean that there’s less of a chance that an irresponsible person will get there hands on it? Stop passing the blame and be responsible, be human.

What do you think about violent video games? What other ways can we prevent public violence?

This is an opinion piece. Views expressed here are of the writer and not necessarily reflect the opinions of SourceFed at large.

Disney Infinity Art

Disney to announce an open ended, multi-platform sandbox adventure featuring everyone’s favorite Disney and Pixar characters.

After the failed Disney Universe, Disney seems to be taking the excellently implemented Toy Box from the Toy Story 3 tie in game, adding more franchises and putting it across console and mobile platforms.

The leak detailed several open world “playsets” based off of popular Disney franchises that contain as many elements from Grand Theft Auto and Arkham City series as it does from Minecraft. The idea of being able to actually wreck and fix buildings with Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix respectively would make my inner Disney fan boy squeal with excitement. Another aspect of character exploration can prompt on foot battles or vehicular races.

Disney Infinity Characters

Another main selling point of Disney Infinity will be the rumpus room. This mode will allow players to take theirplaysets and combine them together in any way possible, seemingly like Little Big Planet.

Creating games that can be accessible across multiple platforms is a dream that the public has been hoping for for years. Disney is all about making dreams come true and this would be no exception. The only thing that could get me more excited was if there was Theme Park integration enabled with the mobile version of the game, but that might be gilding the lily.

An official unveiling is scheduled in January featuring Disney Animation CCO John Lasseter and Principal Creative Advisor at Walt Disney Imagineering John Pleasants, where we’re supposed to learn even more information and hopefully a release date. A glimpse into this bold attempt experience is the perfect gift to carry us through the rest of the holidays.

What’s your favorite Disney or Pixar Movie? Is there any character that you want to play as the most?

Street Fighter X Mega Man

The Capcom Community triumphs in this anniversary tribute to the Blue Bomber that is sure to keep fans talking until the next installment.

Being a Mega Man fan is hard in this day and age, especially due to Capcom’s lack of support for our favorite arm cannon toting hero. I grew up with both the Mega Man and Street Fighter series, so being able to combine them both is one of the greatest treats this lil gamer could have received.

Thanks to fan developers Zong Hui and A_Rival, a new fighter has entered the fray and changed the way we play Mega Man. If you have any passing interest in Mega Man, you can download this game for free right now and play to your hearts content. My only problem so far is that you cannot play it with a traditional NES controller due to the amount of buttons required for playing. Hopefully a patch can fix the apparent “necessity” for two ability switch buttons, but for now, I suggest using a SNES controller for a “close enough” retro feel.

SFxMM feels distinctly Mega Man while surrounding the player with the sights and sounds of Street Fighter. Instead of Robot Masters, pugilists from different eras of Street Fighter games rule 8 differently themed levels.

SFxMM Character Select

Each stage is filled with references to the Street Fighter series, like the Yun and Yang style enemies in Chun Li’s stage. This coupled with new Joe and Met enemies definitely keep the game from feeling like a rehash.

The difficulty screams classic Mega Man as hard platforming, cheap spike placement and other classic level design tricks might have you pulling out your hair. Returning to levels that were once thought to be impossible with the right ability gives an “Aha!” moment that keeps driving the player forward. The game isn’t impossible, but it will just take  more than a few continues to tackle, especially the final boss.

Something that I didn’t think would work for the boss fights was the inclusion of a Super Meter for the Street Fighter characters. Not only will their attacks cause it to fill up, but so will the players. It adds a new level of strategy to each boss fight instead of just finding out the correct order to beat the bosses in and wailing on them.

The gameplay is awesome. The music is awesome. The level design is awesome.

This game is awesome.

Capcom seems to be coming around to the idea of more Mega Man for the masses and I hope that this game is a start of something fresh. Do yourself a favor and download this game.

What do you think of the game? What other crossovers would you like to see Mega Man be a part of? Who is your favorite Robot Master/Maverick?

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is the holy love child of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Nintendo’s Smash Brothers.

The long awaited Sony brawler finally comes to the PS3 and Vita with wonderful results. As if console-like handheld gaming wasn’t a reason enough to get a Vita, the ability to play the exact same game as it’s big brother is a wonderful new step for the system. By purchasing a Playstation 3 copy, you are entitled to a free Vita copy. The Vita version plays nearly identical to it’s console brother except for minor touch controls that make it my favorite way to control Kratos and the gang.

It takes some of the greatest concepts from cross over fighting games and mashes them together in a well made game that, much like the Smash Brothers series, is definitely a console seller.

The single player campaign carelessly throws the characters onto a road to save their world for various reasons. Filled with free-for-all battles from 1 to 3 opponents with different winning conditions, the campaign can be whisked through rather quickly. It’s not boring by any means. If anything, it gives the player a good amount of time to get the hang of a character. After several rounds, your penultimate match takes place against a set “rival” fighter that puts two characters from completely different types of games in a scene together. In my play through as Sir Daniel Fortesque, I was face to face with Colonel Radec from the Killzone series.

Defeating the rival is followed by one of my favorite concepts for a final boss in a long time. Polygon Man, the long forgotten Playstation mascot, sends out three different waves of enemies to be defeated while making trouble in the background. Much like my previous analogy, this fight is like a cross between Galactus from MvC3 and Master Hand from Smash Bros. The mode is capped at both ends with disappointing “cutscenes” featuring narration and several pictures. They don’t affect gameplay at all, but it would have been some extra polish on this fun experience.

The multiplayer is varied enough to keep hardcore and casual gamers alike playing this for years to come. Four player free for all or team battles thrive in wonderful mash-up stages from the included characters respective games. Seeing Songbird from the upcoming Bioshock: Infinite flying in the background of the plane scene from Uncharted is something I thought could only happen in my nightmares.

The comparisons to Nintendo’s cross over beast should end at gameplay because this melee more resembles a classic 2D fighter. The combos strict chaining is more open to experimentation than in an average fighter, but relying solely on a super move as the only way to get KOs can lead to some frustrating rounds. It isn’t completely devoid of strategy, however. Do you want to charge up and clear the field several times with a Level 3 Super or quick charge some Level 1 Supers and try to hit multiple targets? Some characters Level 3 Supers are hard to control depending on their opponents, so players have to choose wisely.

Despite the exclusion of Playstation staples Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, the character selection has a wonderful set of 1st and 3rd party characters. Anyone looking for an easy character to pick up on their first round should go with Kratos, Sackboy, PaRappa or Cole. Kratos is definitely the most useful character in the game for the uninitiated and can give a good intro to the controls and physics. All characters have appealing aspects to them, but my favorites so far have been Sackboy, Good Cole and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid. This game has a long life online and will undoubtedly be supported by DLC for at least the next year. Taking cues from the “Michael” commercial, the inclusion of characters like the Chimera from Resistance, Chell from Portal and Ezio or Connor from Assassins Creed could be a more than welcome inclusion.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is a definite buy for Sony Fanboys and lovers of the fighting game genre.

Your turn Microsoft.

What characters do you think should be included as DLC? What do you think of the game so far?


Debates are better as musicals.

Schmoyoho, accent on the yo, has done an overnight masterpiece that highlights the Town Hall Debates that took place last night on October 17th.