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Bring On The Injustice DLC!

Bring On The Injustice DLC!

Time to liven up the joint! This week begins the additional spicing that is new fighters to the big DC bruhaha, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Lobo fits right into the cast of 24 Heroes and Villains. His special attacks vary from ranged Nuclear Shotgun Shells, a chain that can grab his opponents from high or

Tron Uprising

Tron: Uprising Is Too Good For TV

Disney XD creates a modern day Batman Beyond with the Tron franchise and can’t find any viewers. Ladies and Gentlemen! Programs and Users! It’s no secret that “Old Media” companies are still finding it hard to find their audiences with their programming, but when one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world can’t find


Opinion: Video Games Don’t Need Reform

The National Rifle Associations top lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre, made a case against popular media while citing that schools need MORE guns. The amount of times that people don’t want to take accountability for any of their actions these days makes me want to puke. Video game violence can leave the public eye if one simple

Disney Infinity Art

Disney Infinity: Bold Multi-Platform Experience

Disney to announce an open ended, multi-platform sandbox adventure featuring everyone’s favorite Disney and Pixar characters. After the failed Disney Universe, Disney seems to be taking the excellently implemented Toy Box from the Toy Story 3 tie in game, adding more franchises and putting it across console and mobile platforms. The leak detailed several open world “playsets”

Street Fighter X Mega Man

Review: Street Fighter X Mega Man

The Capcom Community triumphs in this anniversary tribute to the Blue Bomber that is sure to keep fans talking until the next installment. Being a Mega Man fan is hard in this day and age, especially due to Capcom’s lack of support for our favorite arm cannon toting hero. I grew up with both the


First Impression: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is the holy love child of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Nintendo’s Smash Brothers. The long awaited Sony brawler finally comes to the PS3 and Vita with wonderful results. As if console-like handheld gaming wasn’t a reason enough to get a Vita, the ability to play the exact same game as

Mega Man and Proto Man are bosses

Mega Man Returning To Consoles

Mega Man has been a staple in Capcom’s repertoire since the days of the NES and we’re hoping those glory days will return.


Rockstar Announces GTA V Release Date!

After a possible leak, Rockstar gives fans of the long running series a release date.

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#BaldForBieber Hoax Claims Justin Bieber Has Fans

Hoax Twitter campaign has fans shaving their heads in solidarity with Justin Bieber for an illness he doesn’t have.

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Presidential Town Hall Songified

Debates are better as musicals. Schmoyoho, accent on the yo, has done an overnight masterpiece that highlights the Town Hall Debates that took place last night on October 17th.


PeTA vs. Pokémon

The land of Mario has a familiar invader in the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.