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Geeky Gifts for Men: Cufflinks

Geeky Gifts for Men: Cufflinks As a lady of the nerdy variety, I often find myself with the seemingly insurmountable task of buying something nice for the special nerd in my life. I think men are hard to buy for in general, but taking traditional gifts for men and giving them a nerdy flair is

Black Friday

Black Friday Is Almost Upon Us

Black Friday Is Almost Upon Us It’s almost that magical time of year. Delicious food, appreciation for your fellow man, and huge, heart-warming… sales. That’s right – it’s almost time for Black Friday. A day when regular Americans descend upon retail businesses and push and shove their way to fantastic deals. 

Cosplay thumb

Cosplay Appreciation Day

Cosplay Appreciation Day By now you’ve probably heard about Tony Harris’ expletive-ridden rant, which exploded on the interwebs yesterday. For those who managed to avoid it, Mr. Harris posted a rant on his Facebook page that basically boiled down to him expressing his exasperation at female cosplayers who, he believes, pursue the hobby solely to


DOTA Champ Fights Back

Most nerds have experienced prejudice – people thinking you’re a loser just because you play videogames or read comic books. No matter how you look at it, it’s shitty and even with videogames and comic books hitting the mainstream, it still happens today. One such bullied gamer is named Wei Shanchuan and after he was


Navy Seals Punished for Helping with Videogame

Navy Seals Punished for Helping with Videogame Seven members of a top US Navy Seal team have received reprimands for disclosing classified information…all in the name of videogames. EA employed the Navy Seals as correspondents for their newest offering in the real-world shooter genre, “Medal of Honor: Warfighter”. The soldiers were also punished for “misusing


Reddit Helps Man Catch Tumor Early

Reddit Helps Man Catch Tumor Early Last week, a redditor by the name of “CappnPoopdeck” posted a rage comic about a male friend of hers finding an unused pregnancy test an exgirlfriend had left behind at his house. The redditor’s friend took the test as a joke and was floored when it came up positive.


Fabulously Fierce Halo Accessories

Fabulously Fierce Halo Accessories While some big election thing happened yesterday, Steve and I spent most of our night focused on a different kind of campaign: the Halo 4 campaign. And since we all know how much I love to post nerdy accessories, I thought today I’d pay homage to the ever-amazing Halo franchise with


Puppy Halloween!

Puppy Halloween! Sure, celebrities and average joes alike dress it up on Halloween, but let’s not forget who the real stars are on Halloween: dogs. Of course, you may be saying to yourself “I hate when people dress their animals up,” but hey. HEY. Just take a look at the images below and tell me


Fabulously Nerdy Flats

  Fabulously Nerdy Flats With fall fast approaching, a solid assortment of flats is essential. Not only do they work well with tights, they can instantly dress up any outfit without the hassle (and in my case, hazard) that is wearing high heels. Of course, I like to add a bit of a nerdy twist


G4 Canceling Attack of the Show! and X-Play

G4 Canceling Attack of the Show! and X-Play So, it’s official. G4 has officially announced that they are canceling their flagship shows, Attack of the Show! and X-Play. The network had previously announced that they were going to be moving in a more mature direction, with Variety reporting back in September that the channel would