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I'm just a nerdy girl who dresses up for fun and speaks words to a camera from time to time. My mom got me into World of Warcraft - that should probably explain a lot about me.

Geeky Gifts for Guys: Flask Edition

A flask is an excellent gift for the man in your life. It says, “Hey. I’m fun. I want you to be fun. Now drink until I like you more, but not so much that you become obnoxious.” Okay, maybe that’s not what it really says, but it’s still a great gift idea because they’re endlessly customizable. Here’s a look at a few classy flasks with nerdy twists.

Geeky Gifts for Men: Cufflinks

As a lady of the nerdy variety, I often find myself with the seemingly insurmountable task of buying something nice for the special nerd in my life. I think men are hard to buy for in general, but taking traditional gifts for men and giving them a nerdy flair is a great way to make a gift memorable. Today, we feature a fantastically geeky gift for men of all ages: cufflinks!

Black Friday Is Almost Upon Us

It’s almost that magical time of year. Delicious food, appreciation for your fellow man, and huge, heart-warming… sales. That’s right – it’s almost time for Black Friday. A day when regular Americans descend upon retail businesses and push and shove their way to fantastic deals. 

Cosplay Appreciation Day

By now you’ve probably heard about Tony Harris’ expletive-ridden rant, which exploded on the interwebs yesterday. For those who managed to avoid it, Mr. Harris posted a rant on his Facebook page that basically boiled down to him expressing his exasperation at female cosplayers who, he believes, pursue the hobby solely to garner male attention. He has since added to his earlier rant with this gem, in which he doubles down on his claims with some mildly colorful language.

Most nerds have experienced prejudice – people thinking you’re a loser just because you play videogames or read comic books. No matter how you look at it, it’s shitty and even with videogames and comic books hitting the mainstream, it still happens today. One such bullied gamer is named Wei Shanchuan and after he was essentially made fun of in an article he thought was going to praise his gaming prowess, he’s fighting back.

Reddit Helps Man Catch Tumor Early

Last week, a redditor by the name of “CappnPoopdeck” posted a rage comic about a male friend of hers finding an unused pregnancy test an exgirlfriend had left behind at his house. The redditor’s friend took the test as a joke and was floored when it came up positive. Thinking it was a hilarious coincidence, CappnPoopdeck took to the interwebs to gather sweet karma off her friend’s experience. The joke turned incredibly serious, though, after some redditors responded that the false positive on the pregnancy test could signal the first stages of testicular cancer.

Pregnancy tests react to hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is released while a placenta develops. HCG is also released by some forms of cancer, hence the false positive. After seeing the reaction to her comic, CappnPoopdeck assured the community that she’d urge her friend to get tested right away. A couple days later, she made another comic in which she said her friend had gone to the doctor and a small tumor had indeed been discovered.

Thankfully, the tumor was caught early, and according to CappnPoopdeck, he’ll make a full recovery. I’ve been a redditor for quite sometime, and I’ve seen reddit do some crazy things – some good, some bad – but this is a perfect example of how amazing an online community can be, and it makes me proud to be a redditor.

Fabulously Fierce Halo Accessories

While some big election thing happened yesterday, Steve and I spent most of our night focused on a different kind of campaign: the Halo 4 campaign. And since we all know how much I love to post nerdy accessories, I thought today I’d pay homage to the ever-amazing Halo franchise with these fabulously fierce Halo accessories.

Assassin’s Creed III + Parkour = Amazing

Everyone knows I’m all about Assassin’s Creed III – and while I tried my hand at becoming a part of the brotherhood last week – today I’ve found another who has brought the AC world to life in a much more exciting way. Ronnie Shalvis, who’s apparently made of rubber and has never heard of the laws of physics, brings ACIII’s Conner to life in this video by YouTuber devinsupertramp. Prepare yourself for unbridled awesome.

George Lucas to Donate Disney Money to Education

Sure he may have defiled your childhood with the likes of Jar-Jar Binks, but George Lucas has once again proven that he’s not really a bad guy by stating he’ll donate a majority of the more than 4 billion dollars he received from selling off LucasFilm. After the news broke Tuesday that Disney would purchase LucasFilm and bring us episodes 7-9 of the Star Wars saga, people were appropriately skeptical. Some cried foul and levied that the deal was a product of Lucas’ own selfish desires, but this move seems to put those fears to bed.

Puppy Halloween!

Sure, celebrities and average joes alike dress it up on Halloween, but let’s not forget who the real stars are on Halloween: dogs. Of course, you may be saying to yourself “I hate when people dress their animals up,” but hey. HEY. Just take a look at the images below and tell me your heart doesn’t just melt! I also added in a few kittens just in case puppies somehow aren’t your thing, but to be honest, I don’t want to know anyone who doesn’t like puppies. Anyway, enjoy!


Fabulously Nerdy Flats

With fall fast approaching, a solid assortment of flats is essential. Not only do they work well with tights, they can instantly dress up any outfit without the hassle (and in my case, hazard) that is wearing high heels. Of course, I like to add a bit of a nerdy twist to everything I do, so each of these flats has a bit of a nerdy/fun vibe!

Imperial Glitter Shoes by aishavoya

If there’s anything we know the Empire loves – it’s pizazz. I mean, think about it: big fancy capes, orchestral marches, big, fat lasers. So, a plain tribute to the Empire just won’t do. Plus, it’s a proven fact that glitter makes the stars twinkle. Proven. Scientific. Fact. Star Wars not your thing? There are also My Little Pony and Pokemon flats available!

Day of the Dead Shoes by emandsprout

With Dia de los Muertos fast approaching (it’s this week!), you won’t want to be caught without these adorable shoes. These adorable little sugar skull flats are classy enough to wear all year-round, so even if it’s not November, you can see have a little bit of spooky fun with you.

 Super Mario Bros. Flats by GREENWITHENVII

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore classic gaming. Combined with some shiny new shoes – I think we’ve found the shoes I’m going to wear forever. Featuring goombas, bullet bill, and old-school, pixel-y lava, these shoes are sure to be a hit with any classic gamer you meet!

Batman Comic Flats by TheAllegra

Holy awesome shoes, Batman! (I couldn’t help myself.) These fun flats bring classic Batman back to life by featuring the caped crusader in all his retro glory. And riddle me this: These shoes are freaking adorable. Okay, that wasn’t really a riddle, but c’mon! They’re freakin’ Batman comic shoes!

Sailor Moon Manga Flats by pixeledpink

And to cap off our funky flat feature with a pair of shoes I didn’t know I needed, but now sit atop my Christmas list, these flats feature scenes from the Sailor Moon manga and are made to order. Full disclosure: I would totally order a pair with Usagi and Mamo-chan making out all over them. Hey, these shoes are for me and I’ll have fictional characters making out all over them if I want to.

Which of these fun flats caught your eye? Let me know in the comments down below.

G4 Canceling Attack of the Show! and X-Play

So, it’s official. G4 has officially announced that they are canceling their flagship shows, Attack of the Show! and X-Play. The network had previously announced that they were going to be moving in a more mature direction, with Variety reporting back in September that the channel would become “more ‘GQ’.” The Huffington Post is now reporting that the network could possibly be renamed “G4Men”. Whatever it ends up being called, the following is clear: It will no longer be videogame/tech focused.