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Screw you Greg. You piece of human garbage. Also to anyone with a Z in your name I still love you. Its not your fault.

Just thought I’d start your day off with a lil old fashion crazy lady yelling at people video.

Also…as a personal friend of Jesus I’d like it be known that he loves Mexicans.  Why else would he appear on pieces of their toast and uncleaned car windows?


Happy Tuesday!

Ray Rice’s contract with the Baltimore Ravens has been terminated. TMZ posted the story stating:

The team just announced it has terminated Rice’s contract this afternoon … hours after TMZ Sports posted the footage of the Pro Bowl running back attacking Janay Palmer in an elevator back in February.

Initially, Rice had been suspended for two games over the incident. However, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell later admitted that he felt the punishments were not up to par, and had the player cut from the team.


So Ray Rice knocked out a woman in an elevator.  That is a thing that happened.  Not just any woman though.  The woman was…wait for it…his then fiancéwho would then go on to marry him one month later (Probably so she could choose to not testify against him).  Previously, there was just video of Ray dragging her out of the elevator after a “mutual fight”.  Today, TMZ released the video of Ray 1-2 punching his future wife out after she must have attacked him with words and he responded with fists.

So the main point I want to get across is if you hit your woman you’re a scumbag.  If it’s self defense I get it.  Some woman comes at me with a knife I’m going to drop her.  But this…no…just no.  I’m showcasing this video because most people don’t realize how disgusting domestic violence is until they see it instead of hear about it.

You have to love a sport that suspends Ray Rice for 2 games for beating his fiancé in public and then dragging her unconscious body around, and then they give harsher punishments for “substance use”.