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stephanie cook

Stephanie Cook, ever heard of her? Well let me learn ya some if you’re unfamiliar with her beautiful face.

Stephanie is a model, currently living in Los Angeles, and has been in the bizz for about 6 years.

You can check out more of her work here, but be sure to check out the pics and vids down below first! Enjoy!


    Apple had their Keynote for their new iPhones and iOS, but there is something that they wanted to hide from their investors and customers.

    Photo via The Verge


    Yesterday, Tim Cook presented this chart that showcased the cumulative number of iPhone sales, but we’re missing a bit of information. did some quick calculations and made this nifty graph that shows the quarterly sales of iPhones.

    Photo via Quartz


    Even though iPhone sales have reached over 400 million, sales have dropped over the past three quarters.


    What do you think this drop in sales means?

    memorial day

    On this Memorial Day, Newsfeeds on every form of social media are filled with tributes to those we lost 12 years ago. AT&T tried to pay tribute in their own fashion, and a majority of the Internet found their post tasteless.

    They tweeted this photo this morning:
    Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.05.07 AM
    They immediately removed it after backlash from twitter users, with an apology stating:
    They also posted it to Facebook and Instagram, but both posts were deleted as well.


    Do you find the post tasteless or harmless?

    For those of you who work in retail or customer service, there are some customers that you just want to literally throw out of the store. Well, these employees did!

    According to the description of the video, uploaded by user Jarp12, the customer came into the store, looking to sell his equipment. The employees said they couldn’t take it if it was missing components and that he would have to run home and grab the components to sell his electronics. The customer was not happy, obviously.

    The man called the police after this altercation, but after looking at the footage, they say nothing wrong with the way the employees handled the situation. The customer had his electronics returned to him.


    Do you think the employees responded appropriately?

    Electronic waste is growing every year around the world, and our phones are one the leading contributors to this problem.

    YouTuber Dave Hakkens wants to produce a phone that is fully customizable for the user, called Phonebloks. When a phone ‘breaks,’ it’s usually because only one part of the phone no longer works.

    Phonebloks allows the smart phone owner to upgrade it to their specifications. Hakkens currently has a ThunderClap campaign to gain support for funding his project.


    Would you invest in Phonebloks?

    Earlier this week, Russian officials proposed that the Syrian government should hand over their chemical weapons arsenal to the international community to stop a missile strike from the US, and Syria agreed to the plan.

    Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem was quoted, saying:

    ‘We held a very fruitful round of talks with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday, and he proposed an initiative relating to chemical weapons. And in the evening we agreed to the Russian initiative.’

    President Obama was interviewed by ABC’s Diane Sawyer, where he said that if Syria were to agree to hand over their chemical weapons, a US missile strike would ‘absolutely’ be put on hold. He continued:

    “I consider this a modestly positive development,” the president said. “Let’s see if we can come up with language that avoids a strike but accomplishes our key goals to make sure that these chemical weapons are not used.”

    We will keep you updated as more information becomes available, but thankfully it looks like tensions are easing.


    Yesterday, George Zimmerman’s wife called 911, stating that George had punched her father-in-law in the face, broke her iPad, and was waving a gun around, threatening to shoot them both.

    Police responded with full force and took Zimmerman into custody. He was later released, seeing that his wife and father-in-law both refused to press charges after taking with a lawyer.

    Listen to the full 911 call here.

    A full investigation is underway, but the details about the case are a bit confusing. No gun was found at the house, and Zimmerman was the one to hand over the home surveillance tapes, not his wife or father-in-law.

    We will keep you updated when more information is available.


    What are your thoughts on this Zimmerman debacle?

    russell brand

    At a Hugo Boss charity event last week, Comedian/Actor Russell Brand pointed out that Hugo Boss was responsible for making uniforms for the Nazi party in Germany.

    While on stage, Brand stated:

    ‘If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis.’

    He then added, with less than subtle irony, ‘But they looked f***ing fantastic, let’s face it, while they were killing people on the basis of their religion and sexuality.’

    Russell Brand was kicked out by an editor at Hugo Boss,Dylan Jones. According to Brand’s twitter, the two of them got in an argument.

    Jones saying, ‘What you did was very offensive to Hugo Boss.’ Brand replied, ‘What Hugo Boss did was very offensive to the Jews.’

    The Daily Mail stated that Russell could be seen wearing Hugo Boss and that Boss was mainly a ‘follower’ of Nazism and not an avid supporter. All we know for sure is that the company made a fortune off of selling uniforms to the Nazi party.


    Was Russell Brand out of line for saying this at a Hugo Boss event?

    One of France’s popular horse racing groups, PMU, has released a number of commercials with the tagline, ‘You Like to Bet’ that are on the darker side of comedy.

    Take for example, one of their commercials based on the Titanic. Check it out!

    I’m not sure that any of the commercials could air in the United States, but everybody knows that the funnier, raunchier ads always air in other countries.


    What is your favorite type of commercial?

    Miley Cyrus’ new music video, ‘Wrecking Ball,’ is the fastest viewed video in Vevo history, reaching over 17 million views in less than 24 hours! That’s insane!

    Wrecking Ball has officially beat the @VEVO record. ??????????thank you smilerzzzzz ?

    — Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus)

    How did Miley licking a sledgehammer and dry-humping a wrecking ball get so many views?

    … wait … nevermind, I answered my own question.

    Remember that one time someone asked you to open a jar or a water bottle and you open it with ease and you feel like a total badass?

    Well, this Russian bodybuilder is about to make you feel like an ant! Dear lord! It looks like he could do the same thing to my skull. Poor frying pan.


    How weak do you feel after watching this video?


    Apparently, if you are legally or completely blind, you can legally carry a firearm in public in the state of Iowa without proving that you can hit a target.

    There is a big debate in Iowa about whether or not they should ban this practice, but one Sheriff has stated that he can train the visually impaired to shoot a gun.

    For sometime, the visually impaired have been allowed to privately own firearms, but only since 2011 have they been allowed to carry them in public.

    Other states allow the visually impaired to carry guns, but they have to prove themselves buy either target practice or taking a test online. South Carolina is one of the only states that require you to pass a vision test before receiving a permit to carry a firearm.


    Do you think the visually impaired/blind should be allowed to carry a gun in public? Why or why not?


    Instagram announced to the Wall Street Journal that advertisements will be integrated into the app over the next year.

    Emily White, Instagram’s Director of Business Operations, has stated that there isn’t a ‘set date’ for ads rolling out, and they haven’t found an effective way of integrating them, but it is going to happen.

    White stated that they want to, “figure out how to integrate marketing without jeopardizing Instagram’s cool factor.”

    White will also be meeting with Coca-Cola, Ford, and other big companies that are interested in utilizing Instagram for advertising.


    How do you think ads will be integrated into Instagram’s feed?