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Apparently Being A Fetus Is Boring

Apparently Being A Fetus Is Boring

A new photo was taken, as part of a study (yeah, even fetuses are involved in studies… Is nothing sacred?!), using fancy 4D scans, to see what fetuses are up to in the womb. As well as kicking and punching a lady’s insides, fetuses also hiccup and stretch. These science-types discovered that babies do in


Someone Edited Together Every Hobbit Trailer!

YouTube user Joatmonjb has edited together every The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trailer, chronologically into an 8 minute epic treat! The trailer combines the “Announcement trailer, Announcement trailer (G), Trailer 1, TV Spot 1 – 7, UK 1 minute TV spot, and Japanese 1 minute TV Spot.” Oh. That’s a lot of trailers! Sure it’s


27 Animals Die On Set Of Hobbit Trilogy.

According to animal wranglers who worked on the Hobbit films, the production company is at fault for the death of up to 27 animals kept in harsh conditions once off the set. Apparently they were housed in a farm near the Hobbit set that was described as “filled” with “bluffs”, “sinkholes” and other  “death traps.”


Cool App, Bro!

Cool App, Bro! I’ve been digging this app (currently iPhone only) for the past couple of days called “Arranger” by Ayopa Games. The game was designed by professional music composer Arman Bohn, so the music is kind of a big part of the game. The best way to describe it is, it’s like an RPG

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Disney/ABC Developing “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” TV Series

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. A beloved Disneyland/Disney World mine-train roller coaster. Thousands of people ride this attraction daily. Now Disney wants to make a TV show about it.


Star Wars Episode VII Has A Writer!

It’s all happening so fast! Almost three weeks after Disney bought Lucasfilm (Which also came with the announcement of a new series of continuing Star Wars films and droves of fans speculating the hell out of who may write/direct this new series), an official announcement was made on this past Friday (11/9) that Toy


A Guide To Watching “The Hobbit” In December

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is happening! But before you get to the theater to purchase your tickets, there’re some important choices to be made. There are three different ways to see The Hobbit come December 14th: 2D, 3D, and in limited theaters with the brand-spanking new HFR 3D.


Jurassic Park 3D Poster Is A Real Thing!

The wait is over folks, Jurassic Park 3D is no longer just a probably bad idea that seems like a clear-as-day money grab! It’s as official as this brand new poster that was released today on the official Jurassic Park Facebook page, for the 20th anniversary (I feel old) re-release of the epic dinosaur movie