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Fred Armisen

The Last Ever Fred Armisen Sketch on SNL

The Last Ever Fred Armisen Sketch on SNL

Fred Armisen has been a staple of Saturday Night Live for the past eight seasons since he’s joined the cast. And here was his last hoorah. With his incredible impressions and character work, Armisen, who has been a go to player in any sketch and brings with him his subtle nuances that make us laugh


What The Working Title Movie Posters Would Look Like

When big budget, highly anticipated films go into production, often times they use “working titles” while they’re being made to prevent any curious onlookers from trying to grab a sneak peak. Here’s a collection of movie posters if those films went by their pre-production code names. Nation Which of these movies would you still have


A Caffeinated Toothbrush?

  Colgate is trying to acquire the patent to create a caffeinated toothbrush. The oral hygiene products would be embedded with caffeine that would be slowly released during use. The future is coming. The company is also pondering ideas of a diet toothbrush and toothbrushes that emit cooling and warming sensations. The toothbrushes would be

oculus rift

Standing Guy Rides Oculus Rift Roller Coaster

What’s better than the oculus rift providing a full 360 degree interactive viewing experience? Watching some dude ride a fake roller coaster while wearing it, of course. The Oculus Rift, which has been used before to simulate all the fun of getting your head chopped off by a guillotine, is expanding its repertoire to include the slightly


Steve Carell Returning To The Office

‘”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott It’s been confirmed that Steve Carell will return for the last episode as the character that made him a superstar, Michael Scott, in the series finale of the show that birthed him. It’s speculated, however, that his appearance will be


The Downfall Of A Social Media Site

We love social media sites. But do they love us back? At what point do we stand up for ourselves and say “STOP CHANGING WHAT YOU ARE! We liked you! We loved you!” The life of a social media site is dictated by its relationship with its users. In its infancy, it’s a little glitchy


Nude Paintings of George W. Bush HACKED!

The Bush family has been hacked! Emails raided, pictures downloaded, and highly sensitive information has been intercepted and unleashed on the Internet. So what government secrets were leaked out? What evidence of alien life? Well, Dubya loves himself a good bath and has taken up painting portraits of himself in the shower. The hacker (who


The Bad Picture Beyonce Doesn’t Want You To See

Beyonce is a beautiful woman. But even beautiful women can get caught in an ungraceful moment. And just as with any ungraceful moment, they can be screenshotted and posted on the Internet for all to see. Beyonce has recently said that she wants the unflattering photos (that surfaced from this BuzzFeed post) removed from the