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AXE wants to send You to Space?!

AXE Space Program

AXE Space Program

The men’s body spray company has teamed up with famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin to send 22 people into outer space!

Axe kicked off it’s new Axe Apollo Space Academy online contest on January 9th. The contest promises to send 22 winners into space, and make sure they smell like a college dorm nice while doing it.

The winning space travelers will launch about the suborbital Lynx space plane that was built by U.S. company XCOR Aerospace. It is operated by the tourism firm Space Expedition Curacao.

Buzz Aldrin, the second man to ever walk on the moon, seems to be genuinely excited for the venture. He said:

“Space travel for everyone is the next frontier in the human experience. I’m thrilled that Axe is giving the young people of today such an extraordinary opportunity to experience some of what I’ve encountered in space.”

The contest is open to both sexes in more than 60 countries. To enter, one has to sign up on the Axe Apollo Space Academy and write about why they should be chosen to fly into space. Other users will remain to vote on the entries, and the deadline to enter is February 3rd.

The 22 winners will be chosen at the Axe Global Space Camp in Orlando, Florida which will feature competitive “space-simulation challenges”.

Winning space travelers will then get the opportunity to fly one at a time aboard Lynx space planes once Space Expedition Curacao begins operational flights. The reusable planes can accommodate one pilot and one passenger. The plane will fly to an altitude of 62 miles during the suborbital flight. The space plane is also built to take off an land horizontally on a runway.

Axe’s global vice president Tomas Marcenaro stated:

“The Axe Apollo launch is the biggest and most ambitious in the Axe brand’s 30-year history. For the first time, we’re simultaneously launching one global competition in over 60 countries offering millions of people the opportunity to win the most epic prize on Earth. A trip to space — yes, actual space.”

Tickets for a flight overseen by Space Expedition Curacao are set at $95,000. Test flights with XCOR Aerospace are set to begin later this year with the first passenger flight possibly happening in 2014.


Are you going to enter the space race? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!


  1. I didn’t know that the island next to me has big plans concerning the future, interesting! 😛

  2. Hells to the yes, because it’s freaking SPACE. No one is ever going to be able to beat me at coolest thing ever to be done by anyone else in the room…besides maybe Buzz Aldrin or Chuck Norris. This is an awesome opportunity, thanks Axe 😀

  3. I would very much like to go to space!

    And the reason why I should go is; because I’m very interested in physics!!

    And Yes Who doesn’t want to go to Space?? Serious
    space?!? That’s Crazy!

    Big opportunity here! XDXD 😀

  4. I would love to go to space not that I deserve it more or less then anyone else, I just think it would be an amazing experience and isn’t that what life is about!

  5. I would love to go to space because I have been basically obsessed with space and astronomy and physics for the last few years. The only problem might be the fact that I’m younger than 18 so there might be some Safety problems or other stuff like that. But being in space would be like a dream come true! I’d feel like the doctor!

  6. Why want to be the lucky 22: There hasn’t been a time in my life that i haven’t wanted to go to space. Every time i look up at the night sky ether through my telescope or just going to my car i feel a great feeling. Its like i was never fully at home here on earth no matter where i am. Every time i see someone floating around up there or hopping on the moon i know i’m supposed to be up there, exploring our vast universe and learning everything there is about the void and its uncountable contents

  7. I would love to go in to space because as a kid every one dreams of one
    day going into space , I want to be one of the lucky ones with a chance
    like this I have to try. I want this event to be part of my life , I’m
    young and I think I have what it takes to be a temporary astronaut. I
    don’t have the money but I have high hopes. I will be in the MARINES
    soon action and adventures is in my blood. I want to travel the world ,
    going to space will do just that for me.

  8. i want o go to space so i can prove that Axe still smells great no matter where you take it. and to make it the smell of the universe.

  9. i would like to go to space to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and still smell go while trying. Axe is a statement of individuality depending on which scent you choose,so being an individual in space is my goal. Another reason i would be so delighted to go to space is that me and my father bonded over things that had to do with space, i knew everything and anyone that had to do with the apollo missions especialy apollo 11. but just to expirence what my idols from apollo 11 and all the rest of the space shuttle missions have is that there is more to life then the blue sky.

  10. hmmm…. why I want to go to space the idea of me going well if humanity continued to learn down here on earth it would be fine but what I want to do is learn from space and around other planets hopefully so to learn further from where we are. further then the eye could reach so that we may be maybe as one I don’t know to be strong not just in mind but learn different ways of life, different ways other creatures learn and grow and make new friends along the way.

  11. Why I want to go to space? because I live in St.Joe MO don’t know where that is of course you don’t you cant even find it on a map unless you know were to look for lol my life has had so meany twist and turns and I don’t like most of it but this, this I can say I did! in all of my boring life, I can tell my kids and my grand kids that I was one of the first pedestrians that went to space! and then i’ll grab my can of Axe body spay and say “and this stuff smell great in space” lol I know there are a lot of people who deserve to go, but i just wanna say… PLEASE LET ME GO! Thank you for your time. XD

  12. There are a couple of reason’s why I want to be included in this space program provided by Axe/Buzz, but I’ll keep my answer brief. Alien being’s AND the study to see if there are neat things that can be done in space. What if there are actual sport like activities that can only be accessed in space? What if there were animals that can only survive in the vacuum of space? These and many other questions should be answered in today’s society as we push forward in our race for knowledge. Now don’t get me wrong, we all are aware of some form of secrecy designed by the government’s of the world to uphold peace and I’m all for peace. I just want to be apart of something bigger than myself and I would love to “not just be there”, but actually help out and make a difference. I have always loved science and space exploration and I just would really like to be able to have left my planet just once. I live in Saint Louis, Missouri and have only traveled to two other states my entire life! I’m 30 years old now. While that’s no one’s fault, I just thought this would be nice for me. Thank you.

  13. I want to go to space because I am 16 years Old and suffer from so many psychological problems it is stopping me from living my life. The main one is O.C.D
    Every day is a challenge cannot even do simple tasks without my Brain telling me things
    anyway I want to go to space to get away from my life on earth and have that one experience that will stay in my heart for a lifetime

  14. First of all, the ones who say ‘no’.. well, thank you, there is more possibilities for me, for us:) In my life I do quiet everything. I’m an artist, I paint, sketch, I’m a photographer, director, I do sports souch as odd skydiving, climbing, scuba diving, I travel a lot.. What I’m constantly looking after is danger. When I walk on the sidewalk, I’m trying to break the limit. When I was a kiddo, I wanted to do anything to go in space. Well, this is the ideal opportunity to me and to all the others with the same thoughts. I hope that all of those who will be choosen enjoy their flight as much as i would.