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#BaldForBieber Hoax Claims Justin Bieber Has Fans

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Hoax Twitter campaign has fans shaving their heads in solidarity with Justin Bieber for an illness he doesn’t have.

First, Justin Bieber tricks the world into thinking that he has talent. Then 4chan tricks Biebers fans into thinking he has cancer.

On Thursday, the hashtag #BaldforBieber started making traction on Twitter and yet the world as we know it hasn’t burnt into an ashen cinder.

One of the main pieces of evidence that leads to believing this story is fake is that no other news outlet has picked up on this story at all. Entertainment Tonight reportedly tweeted, “Pop star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support.” That tweet has either been deleted or was never real in the first place.

Bieber himself also supposedly tweeted, “Several of my Awesome supporters are shaving their heads to get me through this! I love my fans! #BaldforBieber” This tweet also “never existed” despite photo evidence which fans are taking as legitimate because hey, bald girls are awesome. Just ask Sinead O’Connor.

…I just really dated myself.

Bald For Bieber

Many fans have taken to shaving their heads in support of their musical icon, despite there being no evidence that he actually has cancer. The hashtag on twitter is still very active with users and fans showing support, as well as others who aren’t buying into this prank. Cancer is no laughing matter. However, I find it ironic that a pop sensation who infects the world with someone’s definition of “music” gets reported to have it.

Got to give it to 4chan for their sense of irony.

Bieber has been very outgoing in his support of cancer research and no one can knock him for that. Despite not entirely agreeing that his profession will leave any lasting positive effect on the world, I feel that there are times when he uses his celebrity to help good causes.

If only he would give up on music and do something good for the world, instead of looking like a douche and playing Just Dance 4 with his fans.

Question: Do you think it’s bad to joke about someone having a life threatening illness? Do you think I’m going to hell for doing the same thing? Have you heard Justin Bieber’s “music”?