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BAMF Security Guard Fired!!

Darien Long

Darien Long

Darien Long made headlines with his no-holds barred style of security. However since his latest video, the bad ass security enforcer has been laid off from his job.

Kick ass Mall Cop, Darien Long, has been fired from his job after another video of him surfaced on the net just yesterday. The BAMF security guard earned the nickname after several videos of him ejecting gnarly patrons from the Atlanta Metro Mall have been regularly uploaded to the internet.

The first of the viral videos was an incident where Long taser-ed an over ambitious mother who attacked Long in “defense” of her children. Since the video upload, the security officer has received fan mail, gear and even a crowd funding project was started in his name to outfit him with better protection.

Long did an interview over Skype with Right This Minute talking about his and the mall’s future.

RightThisMinute: I understand that you just got some pretty bad news.

Darien Long: Oh yeah, I won’t be working here. My last day of work is March 31st.

RightThisMinute: Is that a result of this video?

Darien Long: I think it was a result of a lot of things, the publicity… It’s not one thing, it’s all things.

RightThisMinute: Were you shocked, were you surprised when you were let go?

Darien Long: No. I mean, you could kind of see the writing on the wall. Two of the vendors actually leaving, revenues are down. There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on.

RightThisMinute: Darien what do you think is going to happen after March 31st when you’re done working there?

Darien Long: Within two or three days, the drug dealers will start to come back in, once they know I’m not there.

RightThisMinute: Darien you know what you may do next, are you going to continue to stay in security and continue to try and clean up Atlanta?

Darien Long: I’m gonna look for a job. After these interviews and these videos, and the people in the industry thinking that’s not really really professional, and people more concerned about their liability than what’s going on, It may make it particularly tough for me to get a job in this field. I don’t know, we’ll see.

The newest video shows Long tasering yet another patron by the name of Marcus Purnell whilst trying to boot him from the mall.


Do you think that it was only a matter of time before Long lost his job? Or was the firing unfair? Let us know your opinion in comments down below!