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Best Movie Figures EVER

Super Man

Best Movie Figures EVER

I’m a big time collector of movie figures and toys so I tend to be critical of the accuracy of the items out there.  If you are spending a lot of money on this stuff, it should make you feel like part of the film, ya know?  I want to feel like I can really catch a ghost with my Ghostbusters Ghost Trap, or put an end to Bellatrix Lestrange with my Molly Weasley replica wand!  So understandably I peed myself a little when I found out about Noel Cruz and his ability to repaint the faces of dolls to look more like the actual characters.

The work is amazing.  Everything from celeb dolls (Grace Kelley, Marilyn Monroe) to movie dolls (LOTR, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins) are all there.  Plus, as a collector, having something hand painted and original makes me squeal with glee!  Check out some of my favs below and go to Noel Cruz’s website to check out more of his full collection.  If I had a million dollars, I’d buy everything this guy makes and I might just go broke trying.

My Fair Lady – A Hepburn can never look bad

My Girl – Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara

Sucker Punch – Full on lady power

Superman – This repaint puts all of my figures to shame

LOTR – Cate Blanchett looks even prettier here than in the film

Harry Potter – He Who Must Not be Named looks so real, I  might have to shut him in a cupboard at night

Get Smart – The movie wasn’t my favorite, but these dolls redeem it for me

The Wizard of Oz – I am a super fan of this film and this would be the star of my collection!

Pirates of the Caribbean – the voodoo priestess Tia Dalma as portrayed by Naomie Harris


The must have for any female collector – Wonder Woman

Question: Do you think this retouching of action figures is worth paying a premium for? 


Trisha’s Note To Logan’s Note: Grow a pair, they’re awesome.