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Best Netflix Shows To Fall Asleep To


Every night, as we lay our heads down on our pillows and beg the voices in our head to quiet down, we turn to our TVs, tablets, or smartphones (or if you’re better than me, a book) and turn on our favorite shows on Netflix to lull us into a dreamlike state. Oh Netflix, you’re always there for us and never with cold feet or a prickly unshaven leg.

But what to watch? So many choices! What’s the best selection that will both entertain and allow you to enter gracefully into dreamland? Fear not, Nation! For I have compiled a list of THE BEST NETFLIX SHOWS TO FALL ASLEEP TO!

First things first, shows should be watched at a low volume so as not to wake you once you’ve fallen asleep. You can always re-watch later if you miss something.

Old Nickelodeon Shows (Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern Life, etc.) – These are fantastic because they can remind you of simpler times. Watch an episode you remember, or maybe one you’ve never seen before. The memories of the comfort of your childhood will knock out any modern day worries that are keeping you from a restful night’s sleep.

Dr. Who/X-Files – These shows are perfect granted you are willing to experience some interesting adventure dreams. The monster of the week shows are great to fall asleep to because you can pick up a different episode every night and not miss much. I personally enjoy the English accents of Dr. Who which can rock me from 0 – 60 sheep per minute in two sentences flat.

NBC Thursdays (30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The Office, NOT Whitney) – I don’t even know if Whitney is on Netflix but it should be a non-issue. The other shows from that glorious block of scripted comedy, however, are perfect to Sleepflix with. Good characters, strong writing, and enough good moments to catch a strong few in between nods.

FOX Sundays (American Dad, Family Guy, Bobs Burgers, NOT The Cleveland Show) – Unlike Whitney, I AM sure The Cleveland Show is on Netflix because I watched it once thinking it was Family Guy. It’s not. It’s not even close. The other shows, however are great much for the same reasons that NBC Thursday shows are awesome with the added benefit of cartoons which are always comforting (with the exception of Salad Fingers. I’m sorry for mentioning Salad Fingers.) Futurama also fits into the category because reasons.

How It’s Made – If there’s one thing more effective than counting sheep, it has to be watching How It’s Made. Something about watching things take shape through an assembly line is the Netflix equivalent of warm milk. Also, you get to learn something. Bonus.

Almost Any Documentary – From Jiro dreams of Sushi (which WILL give you dreams of sushi) to anything Ken Burns has done, documentaries are hands down the best and quickest way to fall asleep to Netflix. Learning, sleeping, dulcet tones of narrative voices, it’s a dreamer’s… dream. Granted, to get the full benefit of this you have to want to watch a documentary, so this might not be for everyone.

QUESTION: So how about you, Nation? What shows do you like to fall asleep to on Netflix.

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