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Bieber’s Single And Other Pop Culture Nonsense


So, we’ve got a bit of pop culture news to throw at your eye-holes and I will try to offend as many few people as I possibly can. Justin Bieber’s single, now, Skyfall’s doing great and there’s some other crap about Twilight. 

Let’s start with what I didn’t list before the jump. Taylor Swift cleaned up at the MTV Europe Awards, because of course there’s an MTV Europe Awards. After being “snubbed” at the CMAs, she walked away with the best female, best live performance and “best look.” Which… I mean, are we awarding genetics? She’s already hot. Isn’t that its own reward?

Anyway, walking hipster insult Justin Bieber’s single, now, after almost two years of dating Selena Gomez, which is apparently a long time, but I wouldn’t know because I live in Los Angeles and “dating” is basically the equivalent of “being attached on a project together.” I have a lot of love to give, is what I’m saying.

Oh, and then Gomez fans got upset because a Victoria’s Secret model Tweeted a photo of her with Bieber, sparking rumors that he’s already moved on and tossed Gomez aside like so much trash who will probably be dating someone like Zac Efron or some shit in a couple of months. Here’s a pic of them together:



Ugh. So, Bieber was performing there and everyone assures the fickle, fickle teenaged girls of the world (who ignore those who give them actual affection and are attentive to their needs in lieu of caring about this crap) that nothing was going on between them.

Skyfall’s now a franchise record-setter. Its North American opening weekend pulled in $87.8 million dollars, the most in James Bond history. It beat out Wreck-It-Ralph by a large margin. So, the scoreboard is: Morally-Flexible, Violent Spy Movie: 1; Animated Family Movie: 0. (Don’t worry, I’m watching the hell out of Skyfall.)

And people are still talking about Twilight. Ashley Greene went on an interview, saying she was hoping that people would forget the vastly-publicized episode wherein Kristen Stewart had cheated on Rob Pattinson. For once, Greene says something that I can agree with.

Then she immediately went back to annoying me by talking about a moment where they were close to be done shooting Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 and much of the cast in a major action sequence, in the middle of a take, flash mobbed into a dance number. Greene says nothing of how much time they added to the shoot and whether the grips, gaffers, PAs, sound mixers, camera operators and script supervisors who have jobs to do wanted to murder them.\

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