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Big Brother is Coming!

big brother

big brother

Remember that book 1984, the one you read in elementary school that talked about the future and how to prepare for a dystopian world that was bound to happen in the 1980s? Then you remember it was the 90s when you read it, and you probably have nothing to worry about … at least for now!

Anyway, the whole “Big Brother is watching you” idea may actually become an everyday thing. Verizon Wireless just patented a DVR that can watch and listen to everything that happens in your living room!

The technology was made to create personalized, targeted advertisements on your television that are suited for whatever is happening in the room in which it is stationed. Verizon gave a few examples of how the technology could be used. For example, if a couple is arguing, an ad for marriage counseling would pop up, while sounds of cuddling would prompt an ad for contraceptives. How thoughtful!

Apparently, Verizon is not the first company to patent tech for targeted advertisements for the home television. Comcast patented a camera in 2008 that would recognize viewers faces and play ads specifically for them based on their viewing choices. Google also patented an addition to Google TV that recognizes and catalogs how many people in a room are watching TV.

Personally, I would opt out of getting this tech in my house, but what about you guys?


Would you put this in your house if it had some kind of incentive behind it?