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Black Friday Deals


Black Friday is looming and already the campsites are being set up around the country and some deals seem to be worth braving the psychotic 28-days-later like zombie hordes.

For gaming, Best Buy is currently taking the lead with some great bundles that include and XBOX 360 bundles which contains a 250 GB system, Skyrim, and Forza for just $199.99 . They’re also advertising a limited edition 3DS flame red bundle that comes with Super Mario 3D Land installed for $149.

Gamestop also has a similar bundle for the 3DS priced at $169 but includes any Nintendogs game of your choice. The company has a PS3 bundle as well for the holiday season which includes a 250 GB system with Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Infamous 2, and Infamous: Festival of Blood for $199.99

Within the realm of tech and electronics, Sams Club is selling a 65” Vizio LED Smart TV for $998, and is also selling a 96 cent GS3 with 2 year Sprint activision, or you can spring $50 to get the AT&T version at Best Buy or Radio Shack. 

Best Buy has a great deal on the 55” Samsung 1080p LED for only $799 if you camp out there early enough, and is also selling the HP Ivybridge i7 – 8GB DDR3 – 1TB – for $629 instead of $829. 

If you’re looking for just a random fun toy to mess around with Radio Shack has their RC Shockforce Indoor Battle Copters at $59.99 instead of the usual price of $99.99.

Those who enjoy staying home and watching movies and are looking to brave potential fistfights over blu-rays, Best Buy will be selling select blu-ray discs starting at $3.99, DVD’s starting at $1.99, and TV Box sets at $9.99.

Some of us don’t really like shopping out in the cold harsh environment of retail hell, and for those people Amazon will be hosting a series of deals starting on Thursday/Friday. The deals are only offered for a limited time, please check Amazon for the exact times. They include:

Pixar’s Brave 3-disc collector’s edition bluray/dvd combo set is $8.96

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol on DVD for $4.96.

The Matrix, Iron Man and The Dark Knight, all on bluray for $3.96, and their DVD versions for  just $1.96.

Also, The Twilight Zone complete series with 5 seasons on Blu-Ray will set you back only $149.99 

Keep in mind that these are Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday will be an entirely different nightmare.


Which deals do you think you’ll be participating in? Let us know in the comments below!