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Black Friday Is Almost Upon Us

Black Friday

Black Friday Is Almost Upon Us

It’s almost that magical time of year. Delicious food, appreciation for your fellow man, and huge, heart-warming… sales. That’s right – it’s almost time for Black Friday. A day when regular Americans descend upon retail businesses and push and shove their way to fantastic deals. 

Of course, we hear all sorts of horror stories every year of people being hurt in the rush to take advantage of savings, but is bodily harm really worth saving a few bucks?

Now, I was raised by a Black Friday-participating family. As a kid, I’d wake up early Friday morning and ride along with my mom to whatever store she’d picked out that year. We’d wait in line for no more than an hour or two and although I do remember it being a bit of a hustle and bustle, I never heard of anyone getting seriously hurt.

Nowadays, we’ve conceded defeat. We’ll go out here and there, but we largely avoid the crazy crowds and risk of physical injury. It’s just gotten a little too crazy.

This year, however, I want a 3DS. I’ve been holding out for one since the latest Professor Layton game was released a few weeks ago because I knew there’d be great deals.

So, this Friday, I’ll be out in the masses, clutching my newly-acquired 3DS, hoping I don’t have to resort to using my dainty pink pepper spray keychain on a too-eager shopper. Not because I don’t want to hurt someone, but because I’m pretty sure I’ll end up spraying myself in the eyes. Ouch.

Question: So, are you going out to buy anything this Friday? If so, what’s your craziest Black Friday story?