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Boy Steals Parents’ Life Savings; Buys Candy


A boy in Konotop, Ukraine found about $4,000 in various currencies in his parents’ couch. And so he goes on a spending spree that probably made him the most popular kid in the city. His parents are less than amused. I don’t think there are enough days in his life to ground him for.

So yeah, the boy, all of nine years old finds about $3,300 in US dollars (which, why does he have that in the Ukraine? Hm.) and about $600 Euros. He got a local adult acquaintance who apparently suffers from an unnamed mental disorder to go and convert the money into Ukranian’s local currency.

After that, over the course of several days during his autumn holiday, he bought as much candy as he could, passing out cash to his friends who would also buy candy. He probably has a few girlfriends now, considering how baller he is.

For some reason, the Kinotop police department know about it. The father found the stash empty, so I’m going to assume that he reported it to the police first before he got his son to fess up.

Question: What would 9-year old you buy with $4,000? And yes, it must be during the year when you were 9.