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BREAKING: California School Shooting UPDATED

School Shooting

Taft High School

Gunfire erupted this morning at Taft High School in San Joaquin County this morning.

The incident happened around 9 am Pacific Standard Time. Two, possibly three people have been reportedly shot, and the shooter has been taken into custody.

Capt. Eric Coughran of the Kern County Fire Department told sources that the first victims injuries were minor, and they have refused treatment. However, the second victim has been airlifted to a local area hospital. The condition of the second victim is currently unknown.

The shooting occurred on the second floor of the school’s Science building. Kern County Sheriff’s Department officials are currently going through the school room-by-room in order to secure it, and the shooter’s weapon has been located and confiscated.

The shooter’s identity is also unknown.

Students were evacuated to the football field, and are currently being reunited with their parents.

No other details are currently available, but the Kern County Sheriff will be hosting a press conference in just 30 minutes.

Taft is in California’s southern San Joaquin Valley, about 30 miles southwest from Bakersfield.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.


It has been confirmed that the the two victims are one student and one teacher. The third victim remains unconfirmed. The shooter has been reported to also be a student at the school.


The Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, Taft Police Department Chief Ed Whiting, and Representative McCarthy just concluded their press conference on this morning’s events.

At 9 am the shooter entered the school carrying a 12 gauge shotgun, that was reported to police by a neighbor who saw the 16 year old walking into the school. Within 60 seconds of the first call Taft Police Department arrived on the scene.

The student entered the first period class that he had skipped and shot one student. That student has been identified as a 16 year old male, and apparently aimed the gun at a second student and fired. The shooter missed the second student before a courageous instructor stepped in an engaged the shooter in conversation.

The instructor was joined by the campus supervisor, and they both talked the shooter into putting the gun down and waited for police to arrive.

The instructor was hit by a pellet in the head from the shotgun blast, but refused medical treatment. The student that was shot has been transported to the hospital and remain in stable but critical condition. 

Currently no names are being released, but it is safe to say that both the teacher and campus supervisor are BAMF’s for saving the estimated 30 lives that were in that classroom.


  1. I get your tweets, so I heard about this. I went to and they haven’t mentioned it yet. I’m glad it’s not a really bad one. Probably good if it DOESN’T get a lot of coverage, Copy-Cat-wise.

    1. I know what you mean, but I don’t think it is appropriate to compare the ‘level of tragedy’ if you would. They are both terrible. But I do agree, I wish the best for the families, and I hope this gets as little coverage as possible.

  2. I kindly urge you to change the “Related Stories You May Enjoy:” box in the bottom right corner to say something other than “enjoy”, when all of the stories are about shootings…maybe something more neutral, like “You Might Also Be Interested In:”.

    1. Read it as you will. Everyone understands the seriousness of this situation, and anyone thinking logically knows that the implications of Sourcefeds quick links are not to trivialized and belittle the severity of situations like this.

  3. as long as they keep putting the names and photos of these people on the air it’ll keep happening. As long as our schools continue to be places of pain and anger this will keep happening. As long as we keep pointing our fingers instead of examining ourselves this will keep happening.

  4. This appears to have been resolved quickly. Which I am thankful for, but I still cannot fathom why these are occurring. I know it is impossible to completely rid the problem, but I hope they really crack down on it ASAP!

    1. It may have something to do with the guns and the fact that your laws are so lenient towards guns because of your rights , which I feel is disgusting what are the need for guns in today’s society and why do you feel that it is your right to carry a gun , its simple get rid of the guns, reduce the gun crimes. Here in Britain we have laws that make it illegal to possess a gun, and we have been better off without them.

      1. I just want to mention. I am not American. I am Canadian. The last murder in my home town was 1987.

        I do however have a lot of friends in the states. The central issue which I keep hearing is this: Guns in the United States are entirely too ubiquitous. I understand the use of a hunting riffle to go shoot disks or go hunting, but nobody needs a semi-automatic in their house. That is completely foolish.

        It will be interesting to see what President Obama decides to enforce.

        1. I understand and respect your opinion, but to me that argument has always seemed flawed.

          However, I would counter that claim by asking why don’t we ban cars from going faster than 80mph? (approx. 130kmph), because nobody ever needs to go faster than that. Cars that can go faster may only be used to evade police.

          That argument about cars is completely illogical, right? And in my opinion at least, the same goes for guns. Besides, the kid had a 12 gauge shotgun, which was more than likely pump-action. Those have been around since the 1880’s.

          1. Your argument is flawed Adam. No offence but ppl use cars to move around not to kill one another, that is the main purpose of a car. If you choose to drive like a wacko and injure others you will pay the consequences. However, a gun`s purpose is to kill/shoot. Why do ppl need to kill one another? Why do we need the means to blow someone`s head in our home? Let`s say you get very mad one day and angry with everyone and probably you have some mental issues as well, that no one knows about, and it happened to have a gun in the house. Personally, I don`t want to be your neighbor at that point.

            I lived my entire life in a country where you never see a gun except if you join the army or the forces, where even some policemen walk on streets without a gun and i`m telling you is a safer place than US.

            You are never safe with a gun in the house.

          2. Going 130 mph may also be used to get someone who in labor or a medical emergency to the hospital faster, just as a 12 gauge can be used to protect your family from an intruder (much like that mother earlier this week), but if you significantly limit the number of guns available it will be harder to anyone to access them.

            All in all, the entire argument is a shit show. There are really valid points to aid both sides. Just like any controversial debate, there will never be a way to justify or denounce the entirety of the other party’s stance.

    1. Canada… Prince Edward Island, where i live, the last time there was any kind of major murder or shooting or anything was like 6+ years ago, and the one before that was 7-8 before that.

  5. IS there something in the water. Why does this keep happening. Can we just punish the people that do this in such a way that would scare people from ever doing something like this. Yes i know it would be considered tourture but hey if it works why not.

    1. its not that it’s happening more, the public is just more aware of it now. The U.S has an average of 11,000 gun deaths a year, and there were 16 mass shootings in 2012 alone. Something has to give here.

    2. Most do this as a means of making themselves known, then when approached by the law, take their own life. If the media would stop making these people “Anti Heros” there would be no issue here.

    3. Actually yes there is.. if you live in the states there is a good amount of fluoride in the water supplies. Nothing is confirmed but it may very well posses health risks to you.

  6. Here come the “shooter liked playing tetris, video games are to blame” ignorant comments from the media and parents that need something to blame except themselves.

  7. I live in Bakersfield. I’ve been to Taft. This just hits too close now. I have cousin’s in high schools, and old teachers that I keep in contact with. I can’t imagine how freaked out they are right now.

  8. I live in Bakersfield, I have family and friends that live in Taft, I visit occasionally… This is scary, knowing that it really can just happen anywhere.

    I really hope the Media doesn’t get too involved with the story, but I know local news is kinda going crazy already. Information is fine, but we need to be careful how these situations are handled.

    I hope that everybody involved is alright, and my thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected.

  9. That’s odd it would make it on the news. We get shootings here in Taft all the time, just seems like this time it is a big deal even though there was only one injury. I mean, that’s what gangs do here. The only reason people are safe is because they know we carry guns. But at least they’re not as bad as the local police. They are the head suppliers of Crystal myth and Pot in California. very scarey and love to kill people. If they did their jobs, things like this would be limited.

  10. how can you have a unconfirmed third victim wtf? is he a teacher or a students its not that hard to determine and if the shooter is supposedly a student of the school how do you not know who he is. Look in the school yearbook if you have to.

    1. it’s not that they dont know, it’s that they cannot disclose it because the victim may not want their name to be known, and they are still a minor.