BREAKING: UN Votes To Recognize Palestine Statehood


Just confirmed from the Associated Press: The United Nations General Assembly has voted to recognize Palestine’s statehood bid. With an overwhelming majority, the state of Palestine has been given an upgraded status to a nonmember observer, effectively a sovereign nation.

From the United Nations’ Twitter:

Israel, for its part, opposed the bid, declaring the status of Palestine to be “disputed” territory, rather than an occupation of one foreign nation into another. The United States also opposed the bid for Palestine statehood.

The nonmember observer status is similar to the status of the Vatican. Full membership did not appear to work, and so the Palestinian Authority went for a goal they could get. At the very least, they figured, some semblance of sovereignty could be recognized by the United Nations. 

We’ll update as more information comes in. The meeting is still ongoing, but the vote has passed, according to the UN’s Twitter account (see above).

Some EU countries, Western allies such as Germany, abstained from the vote when it became clear that the resolution would pass.

While many in Palestine are celebrating in the streets, the Associated Press notes that the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem are still under Israeli military control.