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Robin Williams

Robin Williams Passes Away At 63

Robin Williams Passes Away At 63

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Oscar winner and comedian Robin Williams passed away this morning at the age of 63.

Oh Chris Pratt

Forgot About Dre ft. Chris Pratt (with music)

Yesterday we featured the world’s newest man crush reciting his favorite Eminem lyrics and you loved it as much as we expected. Today someone decided to sync it with the music from the song and its even better. Main point: Enjoy. Play it on repeat. Make kissy faces to your Chris Pratt poster you just

T Swift

Taylor Swift Surprises Ultimate Fan With Concert and Air Hockey!

Taylor Swift surprised a 7 year-old Jordan Nickerson, who’s diagnosed with Williams Syndrom and leukemia, giving the little guy a private concert and participated in some of his favorite activities!


Orlando Bloom Allegedly Takes A Swing At Justin Bieber

As a result of a speculated feud, 37 year-old Orlando Bloom allegedly took a swing 20 year-old Justin Bieber at the restaurant, Ibiza.


Watch The Rock Whip Everyone’s Candy Ass Into Shape on ‘The Tonight Show’!

Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson show clips of a semi-famous fitness duo called, “The Fungo Brothers.” Part 1 of 2 is above.


Behold! This is The Gary Oldman Death Supercut!

Gary Oldman is a gentleman and and scholar… but as Conan O’Brien was so keen to point out, he dies a lot on screen. Let’s check it out!


Jake Gyllenhaal Is Louis Bloom & Needs A Job In Brand New Clever NIGHTCRAWLER Teaser

It has arrived!… Well, kind of. Here is the teaser for Nightcrawler, but not in the form that we were thinking of/hoping for.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Got Drunk and Went To Taco Bell

Apparently, Charlie Sheen got drunk and went to Taco Bell.


Ryan Gosling Knocked Up Eva Mendes?! This is 5 Things You Missed This Week!

Ryan Gosling has a baby mamma now…. woof. Everyone woman in the Universe cries their heart out… especially one Ms. Lee Newton.

Justin Bieber Poop Face (16)

Justin Bieber is Always Pooping!

Say what you will about Bieber, whenever he attempts to make a contemplative face, he looks like he’s doing a #2!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.44.11 AM

USA World Cup Goalie Tim Howard Inspires A Nation To Create Memes?!

After the heartbreaking loss to Belgium yesterday, (Because WOWZA what a game! Seriously, so many heart attacks!) the United States of America needed a way to cope, and Tim Howard became their sadness savior!