Celebrate 10 Years of YouTube With This Excellent Compilation

YouTuber Luc Bergeron’s Best of Web series is bona-fide public service: he exhaustively scavenges YouTube for popular videos and hidden gems, slims them into their most memorable moments, and repackages them in tight yet comprehensive montages that play like the an Internet’s Greatest Hits On Overdrive. For those desirous of a spectrum of memes, trends, forgotten moments, nostalgia, and things they might have missed, the series is an invaluable resource.

In celebration of 10 years of YouTube (I now feel old writing this), Bergeron created a 10th Anniversary compilation that’s certainly worth three and a half minutes of your time:

And, because he’s a nice guy that does his homework so you don’t have to, he made a playlist of the 198 original videos, here.