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CES 2013: Lego, Targus, and Lenovo



CES 2013 has given us the NVIDIA Shield, along with some other really amazing gadgets.

Lego is making robot dreams come true one block at a time by releasing the biggest update their robot kits have received in years.

The new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kits includes 601 LEGO pices, sensors, programmable software, and a new revolutionary programmable “brick”. The brick allows young robot builders to do all of their programming, and runs of Linuz. The brick as also completely hackable, and it will be interesting to see where and how far people will push this new technology.

The new IR robot eyes react to interaction and can be used in conjunction with a new remote control. There also an iPad based building guide to help new robot builders with their creations. The kit will ship this summer, and list at $349.99.

TargusTouch Pen

Targus has unveiled a new stylus that will turn your Windows 8 laptop or desktop into a touchscreen device.

The Targus Touch pen aims to cater to those who upgraded their software but chose not to upgrade to the highly costly touch screen hardware.

A small receiver is attached to the side of the screen that communicates with the black Touch Pen via a cable that connect via a USB port. The laptop or desktop is then fooled into thinking that the screen is now touch sensitive.

The pen acts similarly to one’s finger or if you’re familiar with tablets like a tablet stylus. The screen is protected by the stylus’ soft tip. What makes it even better is that the Touch Pen doesn’t require software or drivers. Users calibrate the pen one time to set up the device and determine the parameters of their screens.

It works with all Windows 8 computers and with monitors up to 17 inches. The Touch Pen will ship to various retailers later this month.

IdeaCentre Horizon

Lenovo debuted both it’s IdeaCentre Horizon table PC and it’s ThinkPad Helix as well.

The IdeaCentre Horizon claims to be the world’s first “interpersonal PC‘ and the machine is jam packed with a flurry of games and apps, including Monopoly. The PC even comes with special accessories to enhance the experience including e-dice and 4 joysticks for multiplayer gaming.

The screen measures in at a whopping 27 inches and can be moved from it’s table position to a more conventional angle as well.  Lenovo will also be debuting the monstrous 39 inch version of the PC also.

The IdeaCentre is powered by Lenovo Auro which supports multiple users, and engages that technology when laid flat. The PC also has a built in link to Lenovo’s app shop that will offer apps optimized for the Horizon. It’s planned for a summer launch, and will cost $1,699.

Think Pad Helix

The ThinkPad Helix is the newest iteration of the laptop tablet combo. This version aims to give users as much computing power as possible with a full featured PC that becomes a tablet on a whim.

The Helix features an 11.6 HD screen with an Intel Core processor instead of a mobile chip. The PC/Tablet can be configured with up to 8 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of solid-state storage.

The computer is rated for at least 10 hours of battery life despite it’s light weight. Lenovo claims that it is the thinnest Windows 8 tablet with a reversible docking port for when one has to make presentations. It also comes with a stylus for more precise work.

The Helix also includes NFC wireless tech for quick pairing with your phone and optional  LTE connectivity.

The ThinkPad is coming to stores in late February, and will start at $1,499.


What do you think of the gadgets unveiled thus far?



  1. I like how Lego have managed to stay relevant, it was one of, if not the most innovative toy of it’s time and I’m happy they’re adapting! On a less serious note, I want a Lego minecraft set.