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China To Build Largest Phallic Metaphor “Sky City”


So, China’s one-upping everyone in the game of who’s got the biggest building. I’m going to play a game with this one, and in order to win, you have to figure out what that game is.

Using a prefabricated modular technology, the company Broad Sustainable Building will be able to erect what they’re calling Sky City in about ninety days. With 220 floors and 2,749 feet tall, that’s at a rate of five floors per day. 

Here’s a time-lapse of a hotel’s construction utilizing this technique, where BSB was able to raise a 30-story hotel in 15 days: 

Supposedly, an earthquake 9.0 and under may make Sky City quiver, but the building will hold firm. With over 220,000 tons of steel through the use of thermal insulation, Sky City will be hardened to the elements. 

31,400 people of both “high and low income communities” will be able to live there. Something tells me the lower income people will get the shaft. The remainder of the building will be used for offices, schools, hospitals, shops and restaurants. Over 104 elevators will transport

Work on the base is to go on as scheduled by the end of the month. No word if they had to cut back foliage to make the building look bigger.

BSB has a bone to pick with the media, as outlets in China have reported that it will actually take 210 days to finish. There’s a vas deferens between 90 and 210 days. The company stands hard that they will make their 90-day prediction, barring any cock-ups.

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