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Clever Women Are Heavy Drinkers

Women Toasting Wine Glasses

Women Toasting Wine Glasses

That’s right, you lushes! You alkies! You… whatever. Anyway, a major study came out by the London School of Economics that concludes educated women are more likely to be heavy drinkers than their less-educated counterparts. So pop the cork and settle in, we’re gonna dig in to this one.

The study was quite extensive — researchers tracked the lives of thousands of now-39 year old women, all born within the same week of 1970. Those with degrees are twice as likely to drink daily, and also more likely to admit that they have a “drinking problem,” aka, a “coping mechanism.”

Their alcohol consumption can even be predicted from tests they took when they were five. Women who achieved “medium” or “high” marks in their tests were over twice as likely to be drunkies.

The researchers at LSE would follow these women throughout their lives, and at regular periods ask them questions about their lifestyles. Most of the higher educated women would also postpone parenthood until later in their lives. They also may have more active social lives and worked in male-dominated workplaces where a drinking culture would flourish.

The numbers of women in the research would vary, but it was always within the range of a little over 9,500 to a little over 17,000.

While the study focused on women, others had also found the same behavior in men, that higher educated adults had a tendency to drink a little more. One theory on why is that the more educated you are, the more likely you’re able to make ends meet and thus be in a position to where alcohol consumption occurs.

There’s also been a trend in the marketing of wine, but whether that’s a response to increased consumption or the catalyst for it is unknown. Or it could just be a snake eating its own tail.

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