College Student Beats Ticket with Physics



A student at UCSD used his knowledge of physics to show in court why he couldn’t be guilty of a traffic ticket.

Dimitri Krioukov, a student at the University of California San Diego, was pulled over in April of 2012 and was issued a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign. When Dimitri arrived in court on the day of his hearing, he showed the court his research that led to him not having to pay the $400 fine.

As described by the police officer, Dimitri approached a stop sign, but failed to stop and continued on through the intersection. Dimtiri claimed that because of the cops vantage point and the passing cars, it appeared that Dimitri had continued through the stop sign when in reality he had stopped.

The judge for the case said “physics has nothing to do with it,” but something must have stuck from his argument because the $400 fine was dismissed.

Dimitri recently released a paper titled “The Proof of Innocence,” where he describes in detail how he used physics to get out of the ticket.


How many of you guys are going to try to use this to talk your way out of a ticket?



  • Vincent Shiflett

    i used my animations and mathematical skills to prove my innocents in court.

    • Trevor Terry

      How many?

  • Stevie Jensen

    “physics has nothing to do with it” Besides the fact physics studies motion and it is about whether or not he stopped or rolled through.

    • Vincent Hui

      You are stupid. The “study of motion” can’t prove if he indeed stopped or not. He could only prove what the officer might not be able to see. Judge is right, it has nothing to do with physics.

      • DangerPanic

        Right, optics and line of sight have nothing to do with physics!
        …wait <.<

    • Harold Pinckey

      ugh…physics has everything to do with it…the study of motion is kinematics, a subset of physics, chill out guys. im prety sure he wouldnt have published the paper if it didn’t apply at some level. and besides, the diagram explains everything…

  • Gothym

    “Physics has nothing to do with it.” Judge was an idiot.

    • Tu Fu

      maybe not for this case, but yes physics has everything to do with traffic!

  • Anthony

    This is why I love science! People should keep on bringing scientific evidence to court, in the end the judges and lawyers have nothing on science! :D

  • Chris Axiom

    Why no link to the guys paper or site or something? Page 12

  • Tu Fu

    i actually did get out of a ticket going too fast on a onramp by telling the judge the speed limit on that is calculated with the worst condition of your car + the worst weather + condition of the road being shitty as well, but it was a nice sunny day, just got new new tires and breaks and the road was just being the road and the judge let me go lol

  • Osirisdiem

    Physics has to do with everything

  • Reyyan Özer

    Hm, if you have the mathematical skills to pull this off, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Perfectly valid

  • lawloopholes

    He doesn’t need to prove he stopped, he need only prove reasonable doubt with a jury that he could have stopped. That is the key to his victory!

  • Joel Detrow

    $400 for supposedly not stopping at a stop sign? Talk about predatory. To think some police wonder why people don’t like them.

  • Matthew Betts

    And this is the reason I want to do physics at uni….