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Cool App, Bro!


Cool App, Bro!

I’ve been digging this app (currently iPhone only) for the past couple of days called “Arranger” by Ayopa Games. The game was designed by professional music composer Arman Bohn, so the music is kind of a big part of the game. The best way to describe it is, it’s like an RPG with Wario-Ware type mini games involving musical instruments. I really dig the 8-bit style, it’s very reminiscent of another great iOS app called “Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery” (which I highly reccomend), but with more of a Legend of Zelda type “birds-eye-view” RPG game-play style.

Here’s the trailer for the game:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6338YtTGoCw]

I’ve put in about an hour tops on the game and I’m really into it. The controls are kind of not great, you have a choice between tapping and dragging your character, or d-pad that appears anywhere you touch on the screen (you get used to it). So far it’s held my interest and if you’re into these kinds of wacky games I recommend you check it out. And for a buck you can’t go wrong.

The game is $0.99 in the app store.

What are your thoughts on modern 8-bit styled iOS/Android games?