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Cop Sucker Punches Woman at Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade

The 50th annual Puerto Rican Parade in Philadelphia was this weekend, and what seems to be the highlight of the event is a uniformed officer punching a woman in the face! Details are still vague of what happened that lead up to the violent outburst, but you do witness the end result.

The video begins with a woman in a black t-shirt agitating a group of police officers, shooting silly string and yelling at them. It is unclear as to why she is doing so, but the situation soon escalates. Off screen, someone throws some sort of liquid onto the group of officers, provoking them to turn around. One uniform officer advances towards the woman in black and punches her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

The officer proceeds to handcuff the woman and escort her away from the crowd. This video was posted to Reddit early this morning and quickly made its way to the front page.

However, almost all the details of the outburts are still unclear. What the atmosphere was like at the parade that day? What the woman was doing before the video began to provoke the police? What happened to woman after she was taken into custody? It is understandable that after a long day of having to deal with parade-goers and being out in the heat, the police would be very easily aggravated. However, do I think that proceeding to punch a civilian for throwing water on you was the right call, of course not!

SOOOO Question Nation:

What would you have done if you were in the officers position? What are your feelings on this story?



    1. You’re right, it is not surprising at all. It is a damned shame though, These people are supposed to serve and protect. I’m very curious as to what these people go through to become an Officer of the Law, I went through hell training to become a U.S. Soldier, but never would I feel morally obligated to punch the first person I saw in the face after getting splashed by water while my back was turned, This officer is a disgrace, and All of the officer’s within his Immediate area should have stepped in and stopped him, Because his actions were inhumane, this woman should never have even been put in handcuffs, she was punished for someone else’s crime as it was.

      1. I worked with a lot of MPs when I was in the army, and I don’t think any of them would do anything like that. It is completely uncalled for. Look at her face when she is on the ground, she doesn’t know what the hell just happened.

    2. Take a close look. There’s a guy in black shoes, black shorts and a black sweatshirt who sprays a water bottle into the crowd of policemen. You can even see the white-shirt cop look at his hands confused as to what was poured on him and B-lines it to the girl. The girl, also confused, looks back to see what was thrown into the crowd as well. The cop overreacted and should never have hit her like that. Check out the guy in the far left of the frame.

      1. No she didn’t. At about 0:01 you see a guy with a black jacket shorts and black shoes throw it and then walk away. Then you even see the girl who go hit turn around to see who threw the water.

        1. She was using a can of silly string, not water. But she did spray the mob of cops with sillys tring.

          1. What are you talking about. She didn’t spray/shoot anything. Shes waving around a water bottle where did you get silly string from. If it was her why would she have turned around just as confused as the cops.

    1. Just stfu. We dont fucking sympathize with an animals like that. Hell, i’ll show you batter women shelters full of women sympathizing with their men. I’ve spent some of my childhood years living among them. Fuck you and fuck those punks.

      1. People are animals. I’m not sympathizing, or saying that it’s justified. What I’m saying is that I cannot honestly say what I would do in the same situation. That was the question, what would you do in said situation. I’m sorry you had family issues but please take you drama elsewhere instead of spitting curses at something you didn’t completely understand.

  1. Sounds like they were provoking the officers to get a reaction out of them. Shooting silly string and throwing water on them, really? Just continue with the parade and let them be.

    1. i agree kevin . . . Provoking police officers is NOT part of a protest . . . I’ve seen alot of videos like this . . . as crazy as it sounds, silly string could probably even be considered assault. Not saying he had the right to deck her, but dealing with that for hours on end…it would be hard not to snap . . . just so happened it was an 80lb woman.

    2. Sounds like you need to stop assuming and making an ass out of yourself. It could have been just her having Puerto Rican pride…she could have other intentions…can’t tell by this video alone.

      nonetheless as Jex pointed out, it still doesn’t give them the right to hit people…

  2. come on seriously? soo firstly it wasn’t her, that we know… tbh to his knowledge it was … but please tell me who punches someone because they threw water on them?… does he also attack clouds when it rains? *breaking news: angry black man swears revenge on the sky* i would like to see some sort of punishment… even if its making him watch this a thousand times and see how he has embarrassed himself…

    1. I don’t know about the can’t run part, but I agree. Running from a crazy person with a gun…doesn’t usually end well.

  3. These are the officers we pay to keep on our streets. God forbid she threw something substantial at him like a shoe, he may have shot her then. Smh

  4. At the end of the video, you can hear the women say (in spanish) “what did I do?”

  5. That wasn’t police brutality. That was a asshole being an asshole. That had NOTHING to do with him being a cop. That had NOTHING to do with race. That was 100% just a dick being a dick.

    1. except for that he was a police officer on duty, making it police brutality.

    2. Wtf are you talking about. If he wasn’t a cop, do you think he would’ve acted the same? If you do then I hope you dont make any decisions on anything for the rest of your life so society can move foward.

    3. Really? So the fact that he was in uniform, on the job, in a position of authority; and punched an unarmed, innocent woman (1/3 his size) in the face is not police brutality? I agree it had nothing to do with race, he would’ve punched any woman in the face, because he’s a woman beater. How do I know this? Because if you’ve done it once, you’ve done it before, and you’ll do it again. There is no defense for this, he should not be allowed to be a police officer for one more second, but that “thin blue line” isn’t very thin.

    4. Actually, even if he was off duty, he is an officer in uniform and therefore represents the constabulary office of the uniform. Even if he was off duty, it is police brutality.

      He need be fired, and sued both criminally and civilly.

    5. Lol,, If that argument works, then nobody is responsible for anything. A president going to war is just a guy being a dick, and has nothing to with politics or the country.. :p

    1. fuck could be translated as ‘joder’ because of the context of the word fuck in that sentence, you can use the word ‘puta’ for example: -Puta policia-
      a more accurate and literal translation of the word fuck is (in spain) joder, (in mexico) chingar

  6. Well, if this doesn’t prove that chivalry is dead and that men are turning their backs on women, I don’t know what does. Notice that there were no White Knight faggots coming out of the woodwork risking their lives to save her. Girls rule the world, right??

  7. Aww. Yeah, she threw some water but she was walking away and when someone behind her threw some, she walked back. At the end though, you hear her say “what did I do?” in Spanish.

  8. If something as small as water being thrown on you can set you off enough to punch a woman in the face, make her fall on the ground, and then you roughly cuff her; You do not need to be an officer. You are meant to protect, and uphold justice. Instead because you can pull the cop card, and have friends who are cops, you get away with slapping handcuffs on her and making her BLEED. Take his badge and send him on his fucking way. I don’t care what had been happening earlier, as a COP you deal with shit like this all the time. Pathetic, lowly, man, I’m sorry, that title doesn’t suit him. Little bitch boy, needs to be SUED. Unfortunately, I doubt he will get anything but a slap on the wrist. Hope we are kept updated on this.

  9. I hope someone punches that cop. Since she didn’t do anything after an illegal night in jail, she’ll be let go, hopefully to sue the shit outta the city. Shame they never got the guy in the black shorts and shoes who threw it cause they had to punch ladies in the face first.

    1. In Virginia there is a law that states as soon as a police officer tells a crowd to disperse, they are no longer liable for anything that happens afterwards. It was intended for riots, but that law can be used the wrooooong way.

  10. She took off running (walking hastily) I would have done something quick too. And it doesn’t even look like he was trying to punch her, it looks like he was trying to grab her to pull her back around and she ducked, he missed and ended up hitting her in the face.

    1. Bullshit, he swung at her and did you see the blood on her face. He used excessive force. It’s not like someone was coming at him with a blunt object weapon or even close to his body size… Just remember, there ARE some good cops out there. When you see one, give them recognition personally and professionally, but informing the Office of Professional Standards of the particular PD. And no, I am not a cop.

    2. what are you, stupid? Look at the video again fool! It’s a cop walking up to a woman and slamming her with his fist. No he’s not trying to pull her back with that. Why are you defending the cop? What’s the hell wrong with you moron?

  11. question is how much was this chick harassing the situation and instigating that the officer got so fed up with the situation? what made him feel the need to put an end to the situation using forced violence? i need to know before i call him a dirty cop. if the woman was creating a situation where the officers could not do their job, if she was warned before the camera came on. i don’t know this information. i don’t know what the entire situation was. it may not have been the water that caused the violence but it could have been the last straw. And if she was the one instigating the situation and inducing others to behave the same way and start acting out, (which had already started, you can hear some one say {in spanish,”don’t worry they’re not going to do anything”} followed by the throwing of water. then yes, the situation had to be handled. if the title of this video would have read “annoying stand by gets punched in the face” i feel like the reaction would be very different. i don’t know what this girl was doing before that camera came on. Now was forced violence the best choice for the situation. i don’t think so. with so many cops around i’d say they could have collectively handled the situation with democracy. with all this running through my mind. I still believe, His behavior deff. deserves punishment.

  12. i’d also appreciate it if the officer who walked up to the situation, saw the whole thing happened and then just stood there after she got punched, to be punished as well. an officers job is to protect and DEFEND the innocent from ANYONE inducing harm, panic, and may i add mild hysteria to an already existing altercation.

    1. Yeah that gets me MORE than the violent psycho cop punching people. Now every so often a thug like that will make it into uniform no matter how stringent the measures to stop them (not that I think there is much stopping these people becoming cops). What matters the most is what the supposedly “good” cops do to stop them once they have done something like this. If I were a cop that saw that I’d arrest the violent cop but we all know that is a taboo thing for one cop to do to another… And that is a BIG problem.

  13. There’s also what will happen to a police officer after thumping a woman 1/3 his size like this. While most people caught on camera would likely see court, fine, jail time or some combination, the privileges that come with being an asshole in uniform as appose to just a regular asshole, will likely mean that this guy will only have to fill out a few forms.

  14. Pause video at 0:06 You can clearly see his hand open on the side of her head as result of him trying to grab her. Not police brutality just stupid people harassing the cops

  15. In any civilized society that is considered assault. the fact that he has a badge and is a sergeant is even worse. That wasnt even reasonable detainment. now we wonder why are governments are broke you know darn well she’s going to be suing and rightfully so she will win. there was no grounds for that type of aggressive assault.

  16. Pause video at 0:06 You can clearly see his hand open on the side of her head as result of him trying to grab her. Not police brutality just stupid people harassing the cops

    1. Did you see her face afterwards? You don’t grab someone with that much force…he followed through.

  17. Funny how you see the girl who actually threw the water walk away like “Damn… I just fucked up”

    1. She wasn’t the one who threw it. I thought the same thing but I then noticed that the person that did throw the water was wearing shorts.

  18. at 0:02 you can see a woman in black that squirts is bottle of water to the group of policeman, at 0:05 you see this woman turn around because some of the water has fallen on her but the cop thinks she is the one (that threw the water) trying to run away and when the pig excuse me the cop finds that she is carrying a bottle he hits her… My theory is that anyone with a bottle in the path of the cop at that time is going to get some… But is not logical that to get wet should be compensated with a punch in the face…

  19. She could have thrown a bottle and hit him in the head and he still should not punch her it is his duty to not do such butvtobinly arrest

  20. she was sooo innocent in this. i hope the police see this video and realize theyve treated her unjustly. what a sick system we have.

  21. It makes me so angry, i hope with the video, this doesn’t go unpunished. I been following the case of a homeless man(schizophrenic) that was beaten to death for no good reason. I was even going to be look at, if it wasn’t for the father of the victim who took pictures of the soon at the hospital and post it, because the media didn’t want to cover the story. This poor man died pleading for his life and calling for his dad. The video footage show everything. But the cops still claim they did not use excessive force, that he was uncooperative. It’s really hard to watch.

  22. Im sorry, who punches somebody for silly string and water? And it wasnt like he couldnt have stopped to think about what he was doing. He was approching her for a good 3 seconds, enough time to realize “Hey thats a woman. Maybe I shouldnt hook her in the face”. Anyone defending the stance of an officer hitting a woman in the face should be put on display as phil’s douchebag of the day, because, period, there was no need for such physical force. Officers of the law have an obligation and responsibility to be more accountable and rightious with they’re actions, because they are in an elevated position of power. If he was a random guy getting sprayed and wet with water and did that, you can bet your ass batery charges would be filled. And fuck all the enablers and those who justify police brutality.

    1. fuck the police! people should have riot right there and rise up against the cops. they are enforcers of the law! which means they are not ABOVE the fucking law! apparently, about 99% of all cops thinks that the badge gives them authority to be ABOVE the law, which they are not!

  23. remember folks… most cops are not out there to protect us… their ultimately concern are themselves… and this video just proves it…

  24. Her face as soon as she regains her sense of awareness…she’s completely confused. I understand why people don’t get involved…then again I really don’t…

  25. He needs to be cuffed to a chair while she gets to punch him in the face repeatedly

  26. Funny thing, this is a superior officer! he’s either a captain/superintendent/etc. their the only ones that wear White shirts, he should know better.

  27. If this isn’t a sign that chivalry is dead and that men are turning their backs on women, then I don’t know what is. Notice how there were no White Knight Faggots trying to risk their lives to stand up for this woman. Girls rule the world, right???

  28. Even if it was her he could have overtaken her without punching her she was running or combative (At least not in the video)

  29. what in the world would possess a cop to punch a woman in the $&*%ing face because he got a little water on him… “water… WATER!? I’M ANGRY ABOUT THIS!”

  30. people like that gay ass cop makes me wish that the world would actually come to its end so i can stop living in a world full of idiots like him

  31. Even if she threw the water there wouldn’t be any reason to punch her like that. This cop needs to be fired and learn how to confront people.

  32. Certainly the wrong person to arrest. Police Brutality? I believe so. He couldn’t have just grabbed the woman and arrested her? Was she so much of a threat with a can of silly string or a bottle of water (whatever it was) that he felt he had to hit a woman half his size? You saw the way she went down, she wasn’t a threat.

    Bad call on the police officer’s part, made even worse by the fact that she wasn’t even the person who did the “crime”. I think police should have been made more aware of where they were heading into. Maybe a chart that shows a picture of a terrorist, and a picture of a party-goer, and the differences between the two 🙂

  33. Thugs in uniform amaze me. Why do cops even ask why they aren’t respected as much anymore?, or why more and more of them are being killed and beaten. I hope she gets what she is owed financially and that cop ends up like every other fucked up cop out there dead or fat.

  34. The officer has been fired and the mayor issued an apology. Btw nice site I came here from a YouTube video by Phillip keep up the good work

  35. Fuck the police. Fuck the government. What authority do they have? None. Authority is an illusion. Prove me wrong.

  36. That officer should be fired. It wasn’t even her who threw the water at him! He has no right to punch citizens. He could’ve arrested her, but punching her is not acceptable at all. He should apologize, be given a lesson, and fired from being a police officer.

  37. I wonder if he would have done the same if the woman was Chuck Liddell or Quinton Jackson.