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Crazed Murderous Teen Takes Selfie With Victim’s Body, Then Uploaded It To Snapchat


A Pennsylvania teen, who was not only accused of murder, took a selfie with the victim’s body and uploaded to social media client Snapchat.

According to The Washington Post, sixteen-year-old Maxwell Morton of Jeannette, PA. shot and killed Ryan Mangan, a 16-year-old classmate of Morton’s with no known motive. Morton then took a selfie with Mangan’s body and sent it to a friend, likely to brag about the murder. Morton continued to send texts and photos to his friend, saying “Told you I cleaned up the shells” and “Ryan was not the last”.

maxwell morton

However, what Morton likely did not plan on, was the trustworthiness of his friend he sent the messages to, as they immediately sent the material and evidence to the police. Morton was subsequently arrested and charged as an adult with first-degree murder, homicide and illegal possession of a firearm. Morton additionally confessed to the murder following the police’s discovery of a 9-millimeter handgun hidden in his home.