Crazy Botched Gas Theft in Australia!

Petrol Theft

Two people try to steal gas, and botch the theft in every possible way one could.

Two petrol thieves are still at large after a gas station’s CCTV camera caught them driving away after a severely botched gas heist. The young woman in the video, looking as sketchy as possible, is pumping gas into the car at a Caltex station near Brisbane.

Her boyfriend is at the wheel, and the employee becomes a little bit suspicious of the couple. When the attendant goes to check the registration plates, the man in the car starts it and drives off for just a few feet.

The pump hose caught his female companion, flinging her to the pavement. It also caused the hose to disconnect from the pump and fuel began to continuously dump at a huge rate. It’s unimaginable how much fuel is lost in just the few seconds caught on tape.


Local police have said that “petrol drive-offs” are a huge problem in the area, with the gas station in question seeing nearly $100 dollars stolen every time the crime occurs. The owner will be installing a pre-payment system sometime in the future.


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