Dad Uses Sexy Photos of Daughter to Sell Car


Kim Ridley took sexy photos of his own daughter to drive traffic to his car listings on eBay.

The father who owns Ridley’s Rides in Eugene, Oregon has been wholly unapologetic about the photos citing that if he “felt bad about it”, he wouldn’t do it.

Ridley’s daughter, Lexxa, is the future stripper woman featured in the photos, and is twenty years old. The young woman posed, draping herself across the 1977 yellow Datsun in an attempt to make the vehicle look hot. It worked too, because Ridley sold the car that had 49,964 miles for $7,500 on November 15th.

The father-daughter motif no doubt puts a creepy spin on the sex sells theme, but there is a clear difference between sex selling and selling your daughter. Ridley went on further to explain:

“Girls and dogs attract people’s attention.”

Lindsay Cross, a writer at Mommyish expressed her disapproval over the photos as well, writing:

“The fact that a father has no problem objectifying and sexualizing his own daughter for personal game is just so disturbing. To see no problem with these obviously exploitative photos is completely insane. This is the man’s child. It’s the girl he is supposed to love and protect, not take scantily-clad photos of to sell old cars.”

What no one has seemed to take into account is how Lexxa feels about the whole situation. Left and right statements are being taken from her father, but one has to take into account that at the age of twenty his daughter is capable of deciding whether or not to participate.

What do you think Nation; Creepy or just another way to advertise?